Week 12: 22nd March – 28th March 1959


Here’s what’s going on in the world this week in 1959

  • In a televised address, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro announced that, effective immediately, he was outlawing all racial discrimination. Previously segregated clubs, parks and beaches were opened to Cuba’s black residents by law.
  • The integrated circuit was shown off for the first time by Texas Instruments, at an electronics industry convention in New York.
  • French President Charles De Gaulle opened his first presidential press conference with a statement that France supported German reunification, “as the aim and normal destiny of the German people. provided that [they] do not question their present frontiers to the west, east, north or south.” “Germany today is not a danger to us,” said De Gaulle as he announced a new relationship with his World War II adversary.
  • Italy and the United States signed an agreement providing for thirty medium range Jupiter missiles to be deployed on Italian soil.
  • A circus lion terrorized New York’s Madison Square Garden after escaping a cage, running around the arena, then jumping a rail and walking into the main lobby. Ponto, the 800 pound star of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey big cat act was captured 15 minutes later after wandering into a blocked corridor.
  • North Carolina became the first state in the nation to require polio vaccines for all children. The measure, already approved in the Senate passed 73–3 in the House and was signed by Governor Luther H. Hodges.
  • The government of Tibet was abolished by an order signed by Chinese premier Zhou Enlai, and the Dalai Lama was replaced by a puppet ruler, the Panchen Lama.

And here’s what was keeping Peggy busy:







Sunday 22nd March 1959
We’ve had no visitors today – its been raining on & off all day so we haven’t been out. Cyril had half an hour in the garden – he’s also fixed up the Candelabra & bowl fittings. I’ve made the kitchen curtains & hung them. They look quite nice. Jill had another good night last night.

Monday 23rd March 1959
Didn’t look like being a nice day but its been beautiful & by 5.45 I’ve all the ironing done. Am just going to take Jill to bed – she’s been very good today – we went for a long walk through the woods. Letters from Joan, Mur & Dad.

Tuesday 24th March 1959
A/N (antenatal). Clinic
L’head. 1.30pm.
Jill & I got away to L’head on the 12.30 but it was rather a rush I didn’t have to see the Doctor so I was out before two & don’t have to go again for a month. T.G (Thank God)!! We had a walk round the lawn & a cup of tea! Rang Cyril & then Olive. 

Wednesday 25th March 1959
Olive (birthday).
Frimley all day!
Jill & I caught the 9am train to Guildford & were in Frimley – or at least Camberley by 10.10. & in Frimley by five past eleven. We had a good day – it was nice seeing all the familiar faces. Olive had a party for her b’day. We had lunch with Mrs G. home at 7.15 – Jill very tired.

Thursday 26th March 1959
Dad coming
a lovely morning – Jill & I caught the 10.15 & met Dad at Waterloo at 11. Jill quite enjoyed the throng! We had a cuppa & caught the 11.52 home. This afternoon we’ve been for a walk in the woods while Cyril did some gardening. 

Friday 27th March 1959
Showery this morning but it cleared up enough this afternoon for Dad & I to take the girls on the Heath! I’ve just put a rich fruit cake in the oven & am keeping my fingers crossed. Washed Jills hair – & my own. 

Saturday 28th March 1959
To Welling for day.
Its been a lovely day – apart from one shower – we caught the 9.35 train to W’Loo – & arrived at Welling at 11.15 or thereabouts. It was nice seeing them all & Jill was very good – the centre of attraction of course! We didn’t get home until quarter to nine – Gillian soon went down & I’m hoping she will sleep on in the morning. Cyril went out & did the shopping when we got to Welling – it was terribly crowded. Bad night with Gillian!



Week 11: 15th March – 21st March 1959


Here’s what’s going on in the world this week in 1959

  • Robert Foster, 32, set a record for holding his breath, remaining underwater for 13 minutes, 42.5 seconds at San Rafael, California. The record stood for 48 years, until broken by Arvydas and Diana Gaiciunas in Druskininkai, Lithuania, on June 16, 2007, at almost 16 minutes. Both Foster and the Gaiciunas siblings hyperventilated with pure oxygen beforehand in order to drive carbon dioxide from their lungs. The recognized record without such preparations is 11 minutes, 35 seconds, by freediver Stéphane Mifsud on June 8, 2009
  • Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, escaped Tibet and found sanctuary in India.
  • American submarine, USS Skate, surfaced at the North Pole after spending a record 12 days under the polar ice cap. In a ceremony at the pole, the ashes of polar explorer Sir Hubert Wilkins, who had died in 1958, were scattered.
  • In Modesto, California, the record for phonebooth stuffing was broken as 32, “slightly built” students at Modesto Junior College packed themselves into a regulation sized booth—7 feet tall and 32 inches square. However, for safety reasons, the booth was set on its side, and the telephone had been removed. Earlier in the month, 25 students in South Africa had broken the record of 19.
  • A unidentified visitor to Lenin’s Mausoleum, in Moscow, threw a hammer at the sarcophagus housing Lenin’s remains, breaking the glass. The event was not reported in the Soviet press and would not be revealed until after the breakup of the Soviet Union.
  • Died: John B. Salling, aged 112, American Civil War veteran. Salling’s death left one surviving veteran, Walter Williams of Houston, although his age and service were disputed.

And here’s what was keeping Peggy busy:







Sunday 15th March 1959
John (birthday).
Raining hard when we got up this morning so it’s mud everywhere again! We’ve had a surprise visit from Olive & Frank this morning. They were on their way to Croydon. This afternoon its been lovely & we all went for a walk in the woods.

Monday 16th March 1959
Cyril at Christchurch. Cyril went off just before nine. Its been a strange day – haven’t spoken to anyone. Good drying day – I’ve even done some of the ironing – hope to finish it later on – such a pile. I had the spinner going about four times! Jill has been good – we’ve all been for a walk on the heath.

Tuesday 17th March 1959
Timothy, Bill (birthdays).
Its been very cold today – Anne had the half day & she took Jill to the shops for me – and afterwards Sue for a run & so I’ve had a lazy afternoon. I managed to clean the brass this morning & polish the furniture but that’s about all. Jill was very unhappy this morning.

Wednesday 18th March 1959
Its been a lonesome day! I’ve only spoken to the window cleaner & grocer!! I’ll be glad when Cyril comes home tomorrow. Sue’s ear seems to be troubling her again today. We’ve had letters from Mrs Mac & Mrs Green & books from Edna. This afternoon we’ve been walking in the woods – but its very cold again. 

Thursday 19th March 1959
Cyril should get to Oxshott at 5pm.
Jill woke us early this morning & wouldn’t settle in her own room! We went to the village this morning – Anne had a half day & took Jill out while I baked! I’m not terribly thrilled with the results! We went out about four to meet Cyril & met him half way through the woods. Its been warmer today with quite a lot of sunshine.

Friday 20th March 1959
Gillian’s done well for going out today – morning, afternoon & this evening to meet Daddy. She had a shocking night last night & we were all tired out this morning. Anne went back – with Cyril to work. We’re giving Jill a junior disprin tonight – & keeping our fingers crossed!

Saturday 21st March 1959
How lovely – Jill slept from 7.20pm til 7.45am!! What a difference a good night makes to me. Its a glorious day – we took Jill in the chair & caught the 9.55 to Surbiton – from there we went to Kingston & had a glorious spree buying curtain material & arranging to have the 3 piece covered. We had lunch at Bentalls – Jill in a high chair & she thoroughly enjoyed it – we got home about quarter to three – & Jill won’t go to sleep though she’s tired out. I’ve got the kitchen & bathroom material to make up but the other is being sent as they hadn’t enough. Valerie & Pete came about 3.30  & left at 8.30.


Week 10: 8th March – 14th March 1959


Here’s what’s going on in the world this week in 1959

  • The Marx Brothers made their last screen appearance, as Groucho, Chico and Harpo Marx starred in “The Incredible Jewel Robbery” on the CBS anthology program General Electric Theater.
  • The Barbie doll made its debut at the American International Toy Fair in New York. Ruth Handler named the doll for her daughter. In 1961, her son Ken would have his name bestowed on another doll.
  • When it appeared that the Dalai Lama was on the verge of arrest by the Communist government of China, a rebellion broke out as 30,000 Tibetans surrounded his palace, the Norbulingka. The Dalai Lama would say later that “That day, the people stopped my journey to the Chinese army camp … and in the meantime, they declared the independence of Tibet.”.
  • By a margin of 323 to 89, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to allow Hawaii to become the 50th state, contingent upon passage by Hawaiian voters. The night before, the Senate had voted its approval, 76–15.
  • With the admission of Hawaii voted so soon after the admission of Alaska, flag manufacturers asked that the adoption of the 50-star flag be postponed until July 4, 1960. Digby Chandler, president of Annin & Co, said that the industry had already manufactured 300,000 flags with 49 stars, and added, “If we are forced to throw all these away and start making 50-star flags for next July 4 there will be no flag industry left.”

And here’s what was keeping Peggy busy:







Sunday 8th March 1959
Gillian was awake this morning & full of beans – so we didn’t get any more sleep. Celia took her out for a couple of hours – & I had all my electric appliances going in the kitchen. Cyril has put up the the line & laid the stair carpet, Olive’s Frank came  – stayed to tea & took Celia back with them. It was nice seeing them.

Monday 9th March 1959
Cyril (birthday)
It’s dry today but the washing hasn’t dried very well. It was very quiet here this am. – Cyril went out into the office : Jill has been very good. We went out to the village – met Cyril so he came with us & carried all the bags – he’s had 12 cards so far.

Tuesday 10th March 1959
Andrew (birthday)
Antenatal Leatherhead 2pm.
Oh my – I was in that clinic from ten to two until 4.25!! So I didn’t have time for much shopping! I managed to find my way around – & got home at twenty past five! Cyril had been busy – putting the first coat of polish on the floor!!

Wednesday 11th March 1959
Marion (birthday)
Showery today – in fact it was raining heavily when I took Jill up to the village. It is a push up that hill! However the sun is shining now & Babs is sitting out the front. Cyril has laid lino in Jill’s room – & used up the remains for our surrounds (?)

Thursday 12th March 1959
Epsom hospital – Maternity. 10am.
Its been a lovely sunny day. We all went to Epsom this morning & managed to find the hospital. Didn’t take us long to get there but I have to go again tomorrow – & take specimens! This afternoon we’ve had a walk in the woods and to the village. Gillian has been so good. 

Friday 13th March 1959
Lucy (birthday)
Hosp. 2.30.  X-Ray.
Lovely day again. Cyril has been laying more lino but he had to take charge this afternoon while I went to the hospital. I did very well ?two buses – did lots of shopping & was home by 4.20. We’ve had the T.V. aerial fixed and I’m waiting now to see if it works!!!

Saturday 14th March 1959
Carolyn (birthday)
Thank goodness I didn’t have to go rushing off anywhere today! I took Jill to the village while Cyril laid more lino! We were just getting ready to go out this afternoon when Mr & Mrs Green arrived. They only stayed an hour. Gillian was very excited at seeing Gee Gee! Afterwards Cyril Jill Sue & I walked along the road to Stoke D’Abernon but it was a miserable walk along the main road with no path – & such a long way. I had an awful pain in my side all evening.


Week 9: 1st March – 7th March 1959


Here’s what’s going on in the world this week in 1959

  • Archbishop Makarios III returned to Cyprus. Two years earlier, he had been allowed by British authorities to leave the Seychelles, where he had been kept in exile, on condition that he never return to Cyprus. An agreement in Zurich between Britain, Greece and Turkey, released Makarios from the conditions, in return for his agreement to drop his quest for “enosis”, a movement to make Cyprus part of Greek territory. Later in 1959, Makarios won the election to become the first President of Cyprus.
  • The first of two recording dates of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue took place at Columbia Records’ 30th Street Studio in New York City.
  • The United States launched the Pioneer IV satellite toward the moon, shortly after midnight EST. The object became the first American spacecraft to completely escape the Earth’s gravity, rather than going into orbit and became the second man-made object to pass the Moon and to enter an orbit around the sun. The Soviet satellite Lunik had achieved solar orbit on January 7. Contact with Pioneer IV was lost after two days when its batteries ran out of power.
  • At the British colonial detention camp in Hola, Kenya, where Mau Mau rebels were held, eleven prisoners were beaten to death and 20 others seriously injured by prison staff, in what later was known as the Hola massacre.
  • In Wrightsville, Arkansas, a fire at a dormitory for the Arkansas Training School for Negro Boys killed 21 boys. The doors had been locked, and 47 boys who survived the fire had kicked their way through heavy metal screens to escape.

And here’s what was keeping Peggy busy:







Sunday 1st March 1959
Gillian slept well after her day out – so did I! It’s been a glorious day again & we’ve washed & ironed two pairs of curtains – & sheets! Celia took Jill out this am. & she slept after lunch. Mrs. Hutchinson & her son came at 3.30 & left at 5.20. We’re both tired out!

Monday 2nd March 1959
Gillian has been so good today – she was out on the lawn from 9 – 1pm! I’ve done all the washing – & the dining room curtains- some of it ironed too before we went out. Its turned quite cold & is raining! Let’s hope it will be fine again tomorrow for more curtains!

Tuesday 3rd March 1959
We had a bad night with Jill & she’s very spotty again – she was awfully tiresome this morning too! I left her with Olive at 12.30 – I met Cyril in Esher at 2pm – we’ve had a lovely time spending money! We’ve arranged for a cooker, kettle, spin dryer, saucepans, boiler & frying pan to be filled(?) on Friday

Wednesday 4th March 1959
I’ve done well today – Mrs G took Gillian out this am & this afternoon Olive has taken her & It’s 3.15 now & I’m finished!! – Just going to join Olivine a cuppa. It’s been showery but I’ve managed to dry & iron three pairs curtains – only the lounge ones to do now.  

Thursday 5th March 1959
Doc. 2pm
Grace (birthday?). What a lot there is to do!! Cyril has been to Camberley this am. & I’ve been to the Doc – who says I must go & see the new Dr. tomorrow Blast!! Olive has taken Jill off our hands this afternoon. I’ve washed the lounge curtains!!

Friday 6th March 1959
It was a sad day leaving 95 & all our friends. Cyril went off at 8am with Sue – Olive had Jill & I stayed with the removals! They were away by 12.20pm Jill & I had lunch with Mrs Green & she saw us off on the 3.3 train. I got here to find the Removal men just finishing & the electricity in the middle of putting in the appliances. We were all gasping for a cup of tea. Cyril and I eventually had one at 5.30! I put Jill to bed & went off to see the Doc – as per Dr. Cule’s(??) instructions. He’s very nice, I had to get in touch with Epsom hospital. 

Saturday 7th March 1959
It’s very showery today & so mucky underfoot. Cyril has been very busy pulling up the curtains etc. Unfortunately the downstairs ones aren’t wide enough!! I’ve been out this morning. What a pull up the hill. ?Card arrived in time for lunch – which I managed to cook after a shaky start.


Week 8: 22nd February – 28th February 1959


Here’s what’s going on in the world this week in 1959

  • Norway and Israel signed an agreement in Oslo, providing Israel for the first time with deuterium oxide, also known as “heavy water”, a key step in Israel’s atomic weapons program.
  • The Navy destroyer USS Roy O. Hale intercepted and boarded a Russian fishing trawler off of Newfoundland, “to check whether it was responsible for damage five days earlier to five transatlantic cables”. The Novorossisk, with a crew of 54, was released after a five-man team conducted an inspection.
  • The wreckage of the American B-24 bomber Lady Be Good, was found nearly 16 years after the plane had crashed in the Libyan desert. The Lady Be Goodand its crew of nine had become lost on April 4, 1943 while returning from a bombing raid during World War II, and then had to ditch in the desert sands. The crew were located a year later, in February 1960. They had died of thirst and exposure within a few days of the crash.
  • Discoverer 1 was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base to serve as a “north–south polar satellite”. The launch was actually the first of the Project CORONA reconnaissance satellites used by the CIA to spy on the Soviet Union. The first launch, and the next 11, were failures.

And here’s what was keeping Peggy busy:







Sunday 22nd February 1959
Its been a glorious spring like day – we all went for a long walk into the woods & back via the new houses & recreation ground. Sue – Cyril & I are worn out. Jill is the only lively one!

Monday 23rd February 1959
Very cold today after yesterday’s lovely weather. The washing has dried slowly & I was able to do some of the ironing while waiting for Overs man to come & estimate the removal costs. Only a short walk afterwards.

Tuesday 24th Febuary 1959
Lovely day – the “Estimator” from Reeves came this morning – so that is the last one. Cyril may know tomorrow the date of our move – he has to ring the Housing Manager; we’ll probably be off before Easter. Olive is very miserable at the thought of our going.

Wednesday 25th Febuary 1959
Been fine again today – I’ve cleaned all the windows inside and also tried to do some clearing out but Jill hasn’t been very helpful! Went for a walk over the Hatches this afternoon with Anthony & Mum & H & poodle!@ She’s the girl who is going to Cyprus. Afterwards we had a cuppa with Olive. 

Thursday 26th Febuary 1959
I haven’t known whether I’m coming or going since Cyril said last night “We’re moving on the 6th”! A week’s time! Mrs Green took Jill out this morning & so enabled me to get the mid week wash out of the way. Its all dry & ironed now. T.G! Cyril brought home the keys!

Friday 27th Febuary 1959
Beautiful day. I took Gillian to Camberley this morning. Did the Bank – P.O. etc & caught 11am train home. She slept on the way from the station. This afternoon we’ve paid our last visit to the clinic – Olive has been very depressed at our going so soon. Have sent change of address cards to Edna Jean & Dad. 

Saturday 28th Febuary 1959
We were up early this morning & so had an early start with the chores. Its been a glorious day. Cyril went to Camberley & I did some washing & baking. Olive came in & said they would take us to Oxshott this afternoon – Celia took Gillian out for a couple of hours. We set off at 2pm – & found our house – it’s lovely – & I’m looking forward to moving in! Gillian enjoyed the ride & has been very good. She was so tired though on the way home. 


Week 7: 15th February – 21st February 1959


Here’s what’s going on in the world this week in 1959

  • John McEnroe, American tennis player who won the U.S. Open championship four times and the Wimbledon championships three times was born in West Germany at the U.S. Air Force base in Wiesbaden.
  • Adnan Menderes, the Prime Minister of Turkey, was among 20 people on board a plane from Rome to London that crashed on its approach to Gatwick Airport. Menderes was scheduled to meet with Prime Ministers Macmillan of Britain and Karamanlis of Greece for an agreement concerning the island of Cyprus. Menderes survived the crash, but was deposed the following year and executed in September 1961.
  • The first weather satellite, Vanguard 2, designed to measure cloud cover for the United States Navy, was launched from Cape Canaveral .
  • In London, representatives of Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom signed the Treaty of Guarantee, the second of two agreements regarding Cyprus, with all three nations being granted the right to intervene militarily, if necessary, to protect members of one ethnic community from the other, or to uphold the jointly-accepted constitution.
  • The Ben Hecht Show, a live television program on New York’s WABC-TV, was cancelled permanently after Hecht’s guest, the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí, used the word “orgasm” in an interview.

And here’s what was keeping Peggy busy:







Sunday 15th February 1959
Jill had a better night last night – didn’t join us until 5.30  – then she went back to sleep. Its been very mild – & we saw & heard the skylark – a sign that spring is not very far away. We all went for a walk this pm. 

Monday 16th February 1959
Hilary (birthday).
Cyril on Leave. We all went to Camberley this afternoon.  Left the washing out but its still very wet – it hasn’t been such a nice day – cold – & Jill has been unhappy – Cyril patched the lounge floor & also did some clearing up in the garden this morning. 

Tuesday 17th Febuary 1959
C on Leave.
Hairdresser 2.30. I feel like Madame Pompadour. I’ve had a new style all short & curly! Cyril likes it though – but Jill was a bit doubtful! I wasn’t away as long as I thought & was home soon after five to find everything in order. Foggy again today.

Wednesday 18th Febuary 1959
C on Leave.
We had a surprise afternoon out – a letter from Esher U.D.C. this am. saying we could have a 3 b roomed house – either the 1946 one ready now or a new one later – so we went over to have a look. Its been a Glorious Spring afternoon & Jill was very good. The new houses are lovely – & we’re going to wait for one of those.

Thursday 19th Febuary 1959
A fine day after the fog & most of the washing has dried. Its been lovely again this afternoon & Jill was able to go out without a hat. She awoke at 2am – every excited – she was still on the train! Hope Cyril won’t be late its fogging up again. Yes he was – 7.15!!

Friday 20th Febuary 1959
Cold but dry – I’ve managed to burn some of the garden refuse! Jill has been good but not had much sleep. Perhaps she’ll have a good night – I hope! We went to the Green this am & Frimley this pm.

Saturday 21st Febuary 1959
Jill wasn’t  too bad last night – she went back down in her cot after having a drink. I’ve been to Camberley & to the Green. It was very nice first thing but is beginning to rain now – pity as I hoped to finish burning the rubbish today.
Haven’t been out this afternoon – Cyril has been straining & bottling wines – he’s found some old ones he didn’t know he had!

Week 6: 8th February – 14th February 1959


Here’s what’s going on in the world this week in 1959

  • In the British Aden Protectorate, the United Kingdom created the six member Federation of Arab Emirates of the South, a political federation of the emirates of Beihan and Audhali; the sultanates of Dhala, Fadhli, and Yafi as-Sufla; and the sheikdom of al-Awalaq al-Ulya, a move that enraged Yemeni nationalists who claimed Aden as part of Yemen.
  • The first ICBM, the R-7 Semyorka missile, became operational at Plesetsk in the Soviet Union.
  • Meeting in Zurich, Prime Minister Konstantinos Karamanlis of Greece and Prime Minister Adnan Menderes of Turkey signed the first of two agreements concerning the upcoming independence from the United Kingdom of the island of Cyprus, which had large populations of both Greek and Turkish Cypriots. The two nations agreed to a constitution that would provide for both groups to be represented in the Cypriot government, and temporarily abandoned their conflicting demands. Greece refrained from pursuing the incorporation of the entire island as Grecian territory, and Turkey refrained from pursuing a partition of the island between the Turks in the north and the Greeks in the south.
  • The Royal Air Force made its first public launch of one of its 60 Thor missiles, at a press conference at RAF Feltwell base. The intermediate range missiles had a range of 1,600 miles.
  • The United States Weather Bureau released a report that concluded “that the world is in the midst of a long-term warming trend”, based on data gathered in Antarctica. Dr. H.E. Landsberg, director of the bureau’s office of climatology, said that the cause of the global warming was unknown, but added, “One theory is that the change is man-made, that a blanket of carbon dioxide given off by the burning of coal and oil retards the radiation of heat by the earth.”

And here’s what was keeping Peggy busy:







Sunday 8th February 1959
Anne went back at 830 this morning – early because she had a dancing class. We’ve had a back to normal day. I took the girls for a quick walk this afternoon while Cyril had a nap.

Monday 9th February 1959
Sad & shocking news news today that Elsie Tout has died. Poor girl – leaving behind the little baby only a few months younger than Gilian. Its knocked me all of a heap.

Tuesday 10th Febuary 1959
Dull and foggy.
Gillian had a bad night again – she slept with us. She wasn’t too happy this a.m. either – but is better now after sleeping for nearly three hours. Letters from Mur & Dad. Must write some tonight. 

Wednesday 11th Febuary 1959
Dr. 2pm. Mick (birthday).
Cold & foggy again – most depressing weather. Ive been to the doc this pm. All well except that I must lose some weight! Mrs. G. looked after Gillian. Afterwards I took the girls to the Green & had a cuppa with Olive.

Thursday 12th Febuary 1959
Poor Gillian is having a very bad time with her teeth – this evening one side of her face is a nasty red patch & so hot. She was in our bed most of last night & I’m wondering what tonight will bring forth. Rained today – no washing dry.  

Friday 13th Febuary 1959
Renee (birthday).
Cold again – nothing untoward has happened on this Friday 13th!! Olive came to the clinic with us in the afternoon & back for a cuppa. I’ve got some teething jelly to rub on Jill’s gums tonight to see if that will help her.

Saturday 14th Febuary 1959
I had a Valentine today! – from Cyril!! Have been to Camberley this morning & to the Green this afternoon. Gillian has been good – she didn’t wake until 3.30 this morning which an improvement. don’t think any more teeth have come through. She won’t let me look!!