Week 5: 25th – 31st January 1965

Monday 25th January 1965
Foggy this morning so I had to dry my washing indoors. Cyril collected Doris this evening and they arrived here about 8:30 – so I didn’t go to Keep Fit. Just as well perhaps because my knee is hurting.

Tuesday 26th January 1965
To Bath today to take Doris.
Seemed a strange way to spend a Tuesday. Fortunately it was quite a fine day for our trip to Bath – the car is very shaky in second gear. Never known Cyril drive so much in top!! We had a lovely lunch together. Home in three hours at quarter to five. Doris settled in quite well.

Wednesday 27th January 1965
Mary’s birthday
Slight snowfall overnight. Haven’t done much today – Mary, Phyl and I had a coffee together this morning which lasted rather longer than I intended! Ivy and Helen came up this afternoon.

Thursday 28th January 1965
A very nice surprise in Cyril’s pay cheque this month – he had his back pay.  So that will take care of our holiday. Pity it won’t run to a new car, ours is in a bad way again! Letter from Mur – but none from Joan for a long time.

Friday 29th January 1965
I went to Esher and shopped in the snow/sleet this morning. Got it all done though so we can watch Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral tomorrow. A last farewell to a great man – five reigning monarchs are attending his funeral.

Saturday 30th January 1965
Cyril and Bill started work on the gear box last night. Car finished by four this afternoon, so that’s a load off our minds. Don’t know the cost yet but thank goodness it didn’t need a new gearbox.
Have done a bit of baking this afternoon – trying some new cakes. Quite successful. Canasta tonight.

Sunday 31st January 1965
Doris Spierpoint was knocked over on the Kingston By-pass last night. Cyril took Bob in to see her this morning. Multiple fracture of the leg and shock, so it could have been a lot worse. Not a bad day, cold but dry. Children went to Sunday School and Cyril paid Bill £7 on the way back for the car job.


Week 4: 18th – 24th January 1965

Monday 18th January 1965
It was an effort turning out in the cold for Keep Fit tonight! Is it worth it I wonder? Philip doesn’t seem very grand – he had us up at 2:30 a.m. with his coughing.

Tuesday 19th January 1965
(Diary note: Day off from school)
I’m glad there’s no school as Phil had a bad night and is coughing today. He got up at eleven a.m. Nice day but cold. Had quite an interesting evening at Young Wives.
Gillian not well in the night.

Wednesday 20th January 1965
(Diary note: Day off)
Both children had a bad night so they stayed in bed until 10:30. Since then they’ve been in good form and I’ve had a job to keep them quiet.
Phil coughing again this evening.

Thursday 21st January 1965
(Diary note: My birthday)
Had a large fan mail today of 14 cards, nylons, plant etc. Gillian and Philip both in bed all day. I called at the surgery for more Terramycin for Philip. Rosaleen called in this afternoon with her mother and Paul.
Total 17 cards.

Friday 22nd January 1965
Children both had a good night and Phil isn’t coughing so much today. I may let them get up for Crackerjack at five o’clock.
Snow all disappeared.

Saturday 23rd January 1965
We had a supper party tonight to celebrate Mary’s and my birthdays. Roast chicken, baked jacket potatoes, pickles, sherry trifle and wine cup to drink! All very nice.
Doris rang to see if Cyril can take her to Bath on Tuesday. Children both up and about and full of beans.

Sunday 24th January 1965
Have had an easy day today – we took the children to Sunday School – then Cyril did a few odd jobs and I pottered. I’m just going to do my accounts – not that it will take me long to count my money!

(Wednesday 21st January 2015 would have been Peggy’s 94th birthday. *Raises glass* Happy Birthday Ma, wherever you may be.)

Week 3: 11th-17th January 1965

Monday 11th January 1965
Well – I thought we were in for a wet washday but it cleared up and except for the sheets all was dry and ironed before I met the children from school. Keep Fit tonight.

Tuesday 12th January 1965
Went to Esher this morning but was able to catch the 10:20 bus home – and have a clean up before meeting the children. Cyril out to lunch. Ivy and Helen came up after school.

Wednesday 13th January 1965
A filthy afternoon! I looked after Julian from one o’clock until five while Phyl went to hospital. It was pouring when I went to meet the children.

Thursday 14th January 1965
I’ve had a very nice day – Cyril had to go to town so I went with him and had a lovely morning shop fuddling in Kensington High Street. Bought myself two nighties and Cyril three ties in the sales! We left London at ten to one – Oxshott 1:25. Good!

(Note: The term ‘fuddling’ seems to refer to wandering round shops with no specific purpose. Not a word in common daily use, but it does crop up in the diaries occasionally.)

Friday 15th January 1965
(Diary note: Rob’s Birthday)
Philip complained of tummy ache again this morning but went off to school allright – I did the shopping in Esher – carried home 27½lbs of shopping!!! My aching arms. Cyril had an unexpected half day and cleaned the car!! I’ve been baking – Phil went very white after tea – complained of headache over left eye and went to bed – he has been very sick.

Saturday 16th January 1965
(Diary note: Molly and Ted today)
Molly and Ted arrived about noon and we had our lunch “the full treatment” as I told Ted at 12:30. Weather bad – but we all enjoyed ourselves. They left at 8:20 Phil very pale today but otherwise quite well.
Mary and Leonard came in about nine and stayed playing Canasta until quarter to one a.m!
Gale force winds in the night.

Sunday 17th January 1965
(Diary note: To Greens for tea)
Sir Winston Churchill is dying and the world will be a poorer place for his going. A fine old man.
Gale force winds blowing when we left for Greens at 2 p.m. – had a very nice time. Home at 7 p.m.

Week 1 and 2: 1st – 10th January 1965

Diary Shelf

Friday 1st January 1965
We went to Esher this morning – Dad, Gill, Phil and I celebrated the New Year by having our lunch out. Very nice too. Had my hair done this afternoon. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Gerald and Edna’s party and got home at 01:30.

Saturday 2nd January 1965
Ted arrived at 12:30 and he and Dad left at 2:00 p.m. Had a busy half hour or so doing my accounts and bringing it all up to date. Mary and Leonard came in for a game of Canasta which went on until nearly one a.m. I was tired out! Mary and I lost two games, which cost us two shillings each – the men one game. So our kitty stands at six shillings!

Sunday 3rd January 1965
We got cracking with breakfast and all went to church for the ten o’clock service. Cyril doesn’t seem very bright. Too many late nights or too much rich food, or too much raising of the glass!!!

Monday 4th January 1965
(Notes: Pantomime Wimbledon 7 p.m. Sleeping Beauty)
Children very excited today at the thought of the panto.  They both had a couple of hours in bed after lunch.  Cyril took us at 6:10 and collected us at 10 p.m. – kids in bed by 10:35.  Gillian enjoyed it rather more than Philip I think.

Tuesday 5th January 1965
Children very tired this morning.  I’ve had a busy time cleaning around – windows, brass etc.  We went to Claygate and Esher this afternoon.  Got a lift all the way home.

Wednesday 6th January 1965
(Notes:  Mr Dorsett and Fletcher to lunch – Cyril’s work colleagues; School)
Had a very pleasant lunch today with the menfolk!  All was ready when they got here at 12:45 – they went back at 2:15 – leaving a mountain of washing up!  No tears at school!

Thursday 7th January 1965
(Notes: Bentalls’ sale)
Never again will I go to Bentalls on the first day.  It was chaotic!  I was there all morning and only managed to buy three items.  I’m worn out!

Friday 8th January 1965
Went to Esher this morning.  Had lunch with Phyl then took charge of Julian until 4:30 while Phyl had her hair done.  Children loved having him.

Saturday 9th January 1965
Cyril and I had a few harsh words this morning – but it blew over and we went to Cobham.  Cyril spent a lot of money on wood etc. for pelmets – and a new light shade for the lounge.  Mary and Leonard came in for Canasta – I prepared some nice eats and Leonard brought in a bottle of Champagne!  Mary and I lost two games again – cost us 2 shillings!

Sunday 10th January 1965
(Notes:  Cyril at Lyneham)
Cyril went off at 8:25 and got back at about 8:30 p.m.  I’ve had a bitty sort of day – done lots of odd jobs – we had our lunch next door.  I made the toilet curtains and hung them before Cyril got home.