Week 1 and 2: 1st – 10th January 1965

Diary Shelf

Friday 1st January 1965
We went to Esher this morning – Dad, Gill, Phil and I celebrated the New Year by having our lunch out. Very nice too. Had my hair done this afternoon. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Gerald and Edna’s party and got home at 01:30.

Saturday 2nd January 1965
Ted arrived at 12:30 and he and Dad left at 2:00 p.m. Had a busy half hour or so doing my accounts and bringing it all up to date. Mary and Leonard came in for a game of Canasta which went on until nearly one a.m. I was tired out! Mary and I lost two games, which cost us two shillings each – the men one game. So our kitty stands at six shillings!

Sunday 3rd January 1965
We got cracking with breakfast and all went to church for the ten o’clock service. Cyril doesn’t seem very bright. Too many late nights or too much rich food, or too much raising of the glass!!!

Monday 4th January 1965
(Notes: Pantomime Wimbledon 7 p.m. Sleeping Beauty)
Children very excited today at the thought of the panto.  They both had a couple of hours in bed after lunch.  Cyril took us at 6:10 and collected us at 10 p.m. – kids in bed by 10:35.  Gillian enjoyed it rather more than Philip I think.

Tuesday 5th January 1965
Children very tired this morning.  I’ve had a busy time cleaning around – windows, brass etc.  We went to Claygate and Esher this afternoon.  Got a lift all the way home.

Wednesday 6th January 1965
(Notes:  Mr Dorsett and Fletcher to lunch – Cyril’s work colleagues; School)
Had a very pleasant lunch today with the menfolk!  All was ready when they got here at 12:45 – they went back at 2:15 – leaving a mountain of washing up!  No tears at school!

Thursday 7th January 1965
(Notes: Bentalls’ sale)
Never again will I go to Bentalls on the first day.  It was chaotic!  I was there all morning and only managed to buy three items.  I’m worn out!

Friday 8th January 1965
Went to Esher this morning.  Had lunch with Phyl then took charge of Julian until 4:30 while Phyl had her hair done.  Children loved having him.

Saturday 9th January 1965
Cyril and I had a few harsh words this morning – but it blew over and we went to Cobham.  Cyril spent a lot of money on wood etc. for pelmets – and a new light shade for the lounge.  Mary and Leonard came in for Canasta – I prepared some nice eats and Leonard brought in a bottle of Champagne!  Mary and I lost two games again – cost us 2 shillings!

Sunday 10th January 1965
(Notes:  Cyril at Lyneham)
Cyril went off at 8:25 and got back at about 8:30 p.m.  I’ve had a bitty sort of day – done lots of odd jobs – we had our lunch next door.  I made the toilet curtains and hung them before Cyril got home.


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