Week 4: 18th – 24th January 1965

Monday 18th January 1965
It was an effort turning out in the cold for Keep Fit tonight! Is it worth it I wonder? Philip doesn’t seem very grand – he had us up at 2:30 a.m. with his coughing.

Tuesday 19th January 1965
(Diary note: Day off from school)
I’m glad there’s no school as Phil had a bad night and is coughing today. He got up at eleven a.m. Nice day but cold. Had quite an interesting evening at Young Wives.
Gillian not well in the night.

Wednesday 20th January 1965
(Diary note: Day off)
Both children had a bad night so they stayed in bed until 10:30. Since then they’ve been in good form and I’ve had a job to keep them quiet.
Phil coughing again this evening.

Thursday 21st January 1965
(Diary note: My birthday)
Had a large fan mail today of 14 cards, nylons, plant etc. Gillian and Philip both in bed all day. I called at the surgery for more Terramycin for Philip. Rosaleen called in this afternoon with her mother and Paul.
Total 17 cards.

Friday 22nd January 1965
Children both had a good night and Phil isn’t coughing so much today. I may let them get up for Crackerjack at five o’clock.
Snow all disappeared.

Saturday 23rd January 1965
We had a supper party tonight to celebrate Mary’s and my birthdays. Roast chicken, baked jacket potatoes, pickles, sherry trifle and wine cup to drink! All very nice.
Doris rang to see if Cyril can take her to Bath on Tuesday. Children both up and about and full of beans.

Sunday 24th January 1965
Have had an easy day today – we took the children to Sunday School – then Cyril did a few odd jobs and I pottered. I’m just going to do my accounts – not that it will take me long to count my money!

(Wednesday 21st January 2015 would have been Peggy’s 94th birthday. *Raises glass* Happy Birthday Ma, wherever you may be.)


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