Week 5: 25th – 31st January 1965

Monday 25th January 1965
Foggy this morning so I had to dry my washing indoors. Cyril collected Doris this evening and they arrived here about 8:30 – so I didn’t go to Keep Fit. Just as well perhaps because my knee is hurting.

Tuesday 26th January 1965
To Bath today to take Doris.
Seemed a strange way to spend a Tuesday. Fortunately it was quite a fine day for our trip to Bath – the car is very shaky in second gear. Never known Cyril drive so much in top!! We had a lovely lunch together. Home in three hours at quarter to five. Doris settled in quite well.

Wednesday 27th January 1965
Mary’s birthday
Slight snowfall overnight. Haven’t done much today – Mary, Phyl and I had a coffee together this morning which lasted rather longer than I intended! Ivy and Helen came up this afternoon.

Thursday 28th January 1965
A very nice surprise in Cyril’s pay cheque this month – he had his back pay.  So that will take care of our holiday. Pity it won’t run to a new car, ours is in a bad way again! Letter from Mur – but none from Joan for a long time.

Friday 29th January 1965
I went to Esher and shopped in the snow/sleet this morning. Got it all done though so we can watch Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral tomorrow. A last farewell to a great man – five reigning monarchs are attending his funeral.

Saturday 30th January 1965
Cyril and Bill started work on the gear box last night. Car finished by four this afternoon, so that’s a load off our minds. Don’t know the cost yet but thank goodness it didn’t need a new gearbox.
Have done a bit of baking this afternoon – trying some new cakes. Quite successful. Canasta tonight.

Sunday 31st January 1965
Doris Spierpoint was knocked over on the Kingston By-pass last night. Cyril took Bob in to see her this morning. Multiple fracture of the leg and shock, so it could have been a lot worse. Not a bad day, cold but dry. Children went to Sunday School and Cyril paid Bill £7 on the way back for the car job.


2 thoughts on “Week 5: 25th – 31st January 1965

  1. Yeah, £7!. Things were a little different back then. Having said that, the gearbox repair was done by a family friend, BIll Parker, who I seem to remember taught car maintenance at the local college (Kingston Technical College), so I guess it was cheaper than it would have been commercially. Bill and my Dad would have slaved away all day in the freezing cold garage (while Churchill’s funeral was on the TV). The car was a an original Ford Anglia (UXB 765). Three speed gearbox and windscreen wipers driven off the intake vacuum (the faster you drove, the slower wiped the wipers – brilliant). I’m staggered that the car made it to Bath and back a few days previously. Oxshott to Bath is a pretty long drive even now, but back in the winter of 1965, in a three speed Anglia with a dodgy gearbox, it must have been quite an adventure.

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