Week 9: 22nd February – 28th February 1965

Monday 22nd February 1965
Half Term
Have washed and ironed and taken the children for a walk today. No wonder I was tired out at Keep Fit!!
Letter from Joan.

Tuesday 23rd February 1965
Thought I may have heard from Olive or the Redgraves today about our party, but I didn’t. Have been out to the village and library this afternoon. Cyril called in unexpectedly so he took us up.

Wednesday 24th February 1965
Children had an unexpected treat today – Cyril had a meeting in town so we went along and I took Gill and Phil to the Science Museum. They did enjoy themselves – so did I! We walked back to Charles House – waited 10 mins for Cyril and we all came home together.

Thursday 25th February 1965
Gillian haircut 9:30am.
Thank goodness Gillian’s hair looks decent again! I gave her a shampoo this morning and she went dancing this afternoon. Phil’s turn tomorrow for a hair cut! Will rang to say Doris can come home Saturday so Cyril has the trip to make on Saturday.

Friday 26th February 1965
Cyril had a half day today so we did the bank and shopping! Phil had a hair cut – and Cyril. Then we went on to Tolworth to see if Fine Fare had reduced the price of their Scotch –  as widely advertised. They had not! Still I’d always wanted to go in that marvellous supermarket – they were having a cheese and wine tasting session too. Very nice.

Saturday 27th February 1965
Cyril to Bath.
Cyril set off at 8:30am – I have washed (a few things) ironed, cleaned up and baked! This afternoon we spent a noisy hour or so at the Cubs Penny Party at the Hall. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and to our surprise on the way home at ten to four, Cyril came along with Doris and Will. They were earlier than I had expected them to be. Doris isn’t getting about very well. They stayed an hour or so for tea, then Cyril took them home. He’s just come in – 8pm. 276 miles today.

Sunday 28th February 1965
Lovely day today and not nearly so cold. We washed and polished the car this morning and this afternoon we’ve all been gardening. Cyril has even pruned some roses – I hope he hasn’t been too ambitious.


Week 8: 15th – 21st February 1965

Monday 15th February 1965
My word, the keep fit teacher put us through our paces tonight.  We were all puffing and blowing at the finish.  Thank goodness I had a lift home!! Decided not to send Phil to school – he had a bad night coughing.

Tuesday 16th February 1965
Two of Cyril’s colleagues to lunch.
Good thing we kept Phil home yesterday – he’s in bed today having coughed half the night. I do hope it won’t go to his chest. Had a very enjoyable lunch with Dossett and Caro. Gillian out for ½ hour this afternoon. My legs are playing me up. Cyril went to bed at 5:15pm feeling ill.

Wednesday 17th February 1965
Philip coughing still and still in bed. So far though his temperature has remained normal and he hasn’t lost his appetite.

Thursday 18th February 1965
Keeping Philip in bed still. Gillian isn’t her usual self yet. Dave rang this afternoon – he’s coming to see us tomorrow.
Cyril had his lunch out today as he was at London Airport.

Friday 19th February 1965
School closes for week.
Went up to Rosaleen’s and bought an old camp bed from her this morning. It will be useful for any young visitors we may have. Dave arrived about quarter to four – looking very fit. He left at 9:15pm. Philip up today.

Saturday 20th February 1965
I enjoyed going out and having my hair done this morning. Cyril did the shopping very quickly and was able to take me up and collect me at 11:35. Snowing when we awoke this morning. Shall be having our last Canasta evening for a few weeks as Leonard is off to The Bahamas on Wednesday.

Sunday 21st February 1965
We had intended going out, but it’s been cold with sleet falling most of the day. So instead Cyril has been painting Philip’s fort.

Week 7: 8th – 14th February 1965

Monday 8th February 1965
Started my diet.
I’ve been to the Doctor this morning with my aching legs. He hasn’t told me the cause but has given me two lots of pills – for weight reducing and for the aches. I wonder if either will work? Cyril to bed at six.

Tuesday 9th February 1965
Cyril to Carmarthen.
Mary and I went to coffee at Cherrylea, Danesway this morning – in aid of British & Foreign Bible Society. Cyril left by train at 9:45am. This afternoon I had the Avon Cosmetics lady – she sells some luscious stuff!! Keeping to my diet!!

Wednesday 10th February 1965
Poor Gillian. She came out of school looking so white and ill this afternoon and couldn’t get to bed quick enough – temp 102°. She had some Bovril and toast. Cyril rang this evening – he should be home tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday 11th February 1965
Young Wives Committee meeting at Knipp Hill.
Gillian very feverish today. Mary sat in while I went to see Miss Fabb and ask why she hadn’t rung me yesterday when Gill was ill – she said she didn’t know Gill was poorly! Cyril got home about 4pm – still with his cold!

Friday 12th February 1965
Gillian’s temperature rose to 104.8° last evening and we had to sponge her down several times. I rang Dr. Little – he said it was flu and to carry on with drinks and paracetamol. Poor little thing, she looks so pathetic. Joyce brought Phil home so I didn’t have to leave her.

Saturday 13th February 1965
Gill’s temperature dropping, but she now has earache and sore throat. Cyril did the shopping quite early. Afterwards I went to Esher with the Turners in their new 1100. After lunch I went out with them again for a ride – Wisley, Chobham, Guildford, Leatherhead – home about five.
Played Canasta this evening.

Sunday 14th February 1965
Gillian very much better – she’s had some lunch today and her temperature is almost normal. Cyril and I have cleaned some windows! Now I’m drying my hair and doing my books!

Week 6: 1st – 7th February 1965

Monday 1st February 1965
Cold and frosty morning. I’ve dried and ironed most of the wash – just the sheets left. Don’t feel a bit like going to Keep Fit but I suppose I’d better as I missed last week. Letter from Dad today – and one from Doris. She seems to have settled in very well at Bath.

Tuesday 2nd February 1965
Young Wives
Went to Esher this morning – double-stamp day at Pricerite!!! Came back loaded with three bags full of grocery. Feeling very tired this afternoon. Went to Young Wives this evening to a talk by a local Councillor.

Wednesday 3rd February 1965
Cyril spotted a fox behind the back fence at lunch time – he was a mangey looking thing too. Been busy houseworking today. Ivy and Helen came up for a cuppa. Gill and Phil both early to bed with disprin for colds.

Thursday 4th February 1965
Haven’t had a very successful day – I’ve been to Kingston and bought some underwear which is much too big – and my casserole cracked in the oven. I feel quite worn out and depressed.

Friday 5th February 1965
Went to Kingston again and changed my underwear. Back via Esher where I did more shopping – fortunately had a lift home. Cyril very late getting in 1:15pm – had me quite worried.
Leonard passed his driving test yesterday

Saturday 6th February 1965
Looks like being another miserable weekend – I don’t know why Cyril has to get out of bed the wrong side every Saturday or Sunday. He’s out all day tomorrow too. Perhaps just as well. Haven’t been out anywhere – we never seem to go out ‘en famille’ these days.

Sunday 7th February 1965
Doris’s birthday. Cyril to Bath
Not a very nice weekend. Cyril went off at 9:30am – back at 7:40pm very tired and full of cold. Will and Eileen stayed here an hour then Cyril took them to Surbiton. Doris was delighted to see them so that made it worth the journey.