Week 6: 1st – 7th February 1965

Monday 1st February 1965
Cold and frosty morning. I’ve dried and ironed most of the wash – just the sheets left. Don’t feel a bit like going to Keep Fit but I suppose I’d better as I missed last week. Letter from Dad today – and one from Doris. She seems to have settled in very well at Bath.

Tuesday 2nd February 1965
Young Wives
Went to Esher this morning – double-stamp day at Pricerite!!! Came back loaded with three bags full of grocery. Feeling very tired this afternoon. Went to Young Wives this evening to a talk by a local Councillor.

Wednesday 3rd February 1965
Cyril spotted a fox behind the back fence at lunch time – he was a mangey looking thing too. Been busy houseworking today. Ivy and Helen came up for a cuppa. Gill and Phil both early to bed with disprin for colds.

Thursday 4th February 1965
Haven’t had a very successful day – I’ve been to Kingston and bought some underwear which is much too big – and my casserole cracked in the oven. I feel quite worn out and depressed.

Friday 5th February 1965
Went to Kingston again and changed my underwear. Back via Esher where I did more shopping – fortunately had a lift home. Cyril very late getting in 1:15pm – had me quite worried.
Leonard passed his driving test yesterday

Saturday 6th February 1965
Looks like being another miserable weekend – I don’t know why Cyril has to get out of bed the wrong side every Saturday or Sunday. He’s out all day tomorrow too. Perhaps just as well. Haven’t been out anywhere – we never seem to go out ‘en famille’ these days.

Sunday 7th February 1965
Doris’s birthday. Cyril to Bath
Not a very nice weekend. Cyril went off at 9:30am – back at 7:40pm very tired and full of cold. Will and Eileen stayed here an hour then Cyril took them to Surbiton. Doris was delighted to see them so that made it worth the journey.


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