Week 7: 8th – 14th February 1965

Monday 8th February 1965
Started my diet.
I’ve been to the Doctor this morning with my aching legs. He hasn’t told me the cause but has given me two lots of pills – for weight reducing and for the aches. I wonder if either will work? Cyril to bed at six.

Tuesday 9th February 1965
Cyril to Carmarthen.
Mary and I went to coffee at Cherrylea, Danesway this morning – in aid of British & Foreign Bible Society. Cyril left by train at 9:45am. This afternoon I had the Avon Cosmetics lady – she sells some luscious stuff!! Keeping to my diet!!

Wednesday 10th February 1965
Poor Gillian. She came out of school looking so white and ill this afternoon and couldn’t get to bed quick enough – temp 102°. She had some Bovril and toast. Cyril rang this evening – he should be home tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday 11th February 1965
Young Wives Committee meeting at Knipp Hill.
Gillian very feverish today. Mary sat in while I went to see Miss Fabb and ask why she hadn’t rung me yesterday when Gill was ill – she said she didn’t know Gill was poorly! Cyril got home about 4pm – still with his cold!

Friday 12th February 1965
Gillian’s temperature rose to 104.8° last evening and we had to sponge her down several times. I rang Dr. Little – he said it was flu and to carry on with drinks and paracetamol. Poor little thing, she looks so pathetic. Joyce brought Phil home so I didn’t have to leave her.

Saturday 13th February 1965
Gill’s temperature dropping, but she now has earache and sore throat. Cyril did the shopping quite early. Afterwards I went to Esher with the Turners in their new 1100. After lunch I went out with them again for a ride – Wisley, Chobham, Guildford, Leatherhead – home about five.
Played Canasta this evening.

Sunday 14th February 1965
Gillian very much better – she’s had some lunch today and her temperature is almost normal. Cyril and I have cleaned some windows! Now I’m drying my hair and doing my books!


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