Week 8: 15th – 21st February 1965

Monday 15th February 1965
My word, the keep fit teacher put us through our paces tonight.  We were all puffing and blowing at the finish.  Thank goodness I had a lift home!! Decided not to send Phil to school – he had a bad night coughing.

Tuesday 16th February 1965
Two of Cyril’s colleagues to lunch.
Good thing we kept Phil home yesterday – he’s in bed today having coughed half the night. I do hope it won’t go to his chest. Had a very enjoyable lunch with Dossett and Caro. Gillian out for ½ hour this afternoon. My legs are playing me up. Cyril went to bed at 5:15pm feeling ill.

Wednesday 17th February 1965
Philip coughing still and still in bed. So far though his temperature has remained normal and he hasn’t lost his appetite.

Thursday 18th February 1965
Keeping Philip in bed still. Gillian isn’t her usual self yet. Dave rang this afternoon – he’s coming to see us tomorrow.
Cyril had his lunch out today as he was at London Airport.

Friday 19th February 1965
School closes for week.
Went up to Rosaleen’s and bought an old camp bed from her this morning. It will be useful for any young visitors we may have. Dave arrived about quarter to four – looking very fit. He left at 9:15pm. Philip up today.

Saturday 20th February 1965
I enjoyed going out and having my hair done this morning. Cyril did the shopping very quickly and was able to take me up and collect me at 11:35. Snowing when we awoke this morning. Shall be having our last Canasta evening for a few weeks as Leonard is off to The Bahamas on Wednesday.

Sunday 21st February 1965
We had intended going out, but it’s been cold with sleet falling most of the day. So instead Cyril has been painting Philip’s fort.


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