Week 9: 22nd February – 28th February 1965

Monday 22nd February 1965
Half Term
Have washed and ironed and taken the children for a walk today. No wonder I was tired out at Keep Fit!!
Letter from Joan.

Tuesday 23rd February 1965
Thought I may have heard from Olive or the Redgraves today about our party, but I didn’t. Have been out to the village and library this afternoon. Cyril called in unexpectedly so he took us up.

Wednesday 24th February 1965
Children had an unexpected treat today – Cyril had a meeting in town so we went along and I took Gill and Phil to the Science Museum. They did enjoy themselves – so did I! We walked back to Charles House – waited 10 mins for Cyril and we all came home together.

Thursday 25th February 1965
Gillian haircut 9:30am.
Thank goodness Gillian’s hair looks decent again! I gave her a shampoo this morning and she went dancing this afternoon. Phil’s turn tomorrow for a hair cut! Will rang to say Doris can come home Saturday so Cyril has the trip to make on Saturday.

Friday 26th February 1965
Cyril had a half day today so we did the bank and shopping! Phil had a hair cut – and Cyril. Then we went on to Tolworth to see if Fine Fare had reduced the price of their Scotch –  as widely advertised. They had not! Still I’d always wanted to go in that marvellous supermarket – they were having a cheese and wine tasting session too. Very nice.

Saturday 27th February 1965
Cyril to Bath.
Cyril set off at 8:30am – I have washed (a few things) ironed, cleaned up and baked! This afternoon we spent a noisy hour or so at the Cubs Penny Party at the Hall. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and to our surprise on the way home at ten to four, Cyril came along with Doris and Will. They were earlier than I had expected them to be. Doris isn’t getting about very well. They stayed an hour or so for tea, then Cyril took them home. He’s just come in – 8pm. 276 miles today.

Sunday 28th February 1965
Lovely day today and not nearly so cold. We washed and polished the car this morning and this afternoon we’ve all been gardening. Cyril has even pruned some roses – I hope he hasn’t been too ambitious.

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