Week 14 : 29th March – 4th April 1965

Monday 29th March 1965
Last Keep Fit
Have had a busy day – Gill had to go back to bed after breakfast this morning with a temperature of 102°! Mary is in bed too – then David came home ill – then Diana!! I’ve done all my washing and ironing and have also mowed the back lawn. It looks lovely! Consequently I wasn’t very interested in Keep Fit! Not many there.

Tuesday 30th March 1965
Redgraves 8:30pm
Gillian up today and seems not too bad. She stayed with Phyl while I went to the bank and to Pricerite for my big shopping. Cyril picked me up at 12:30. We had a very pleasant evening with Gerald and Ena – Anne has some lovely presents. Phyl sat in for us!

Wednesday 31st March 1965
Gillian very poorly again with a temperature of 102.6°. I called in at the surgery and Doctor Little gave me a bottle of tonic for her. He says she has flu – again. Thank goodness Philip seems full of beans.

Thursday 1st April 1965
Cyril in town a.m.
Gillian still poorly. I’ve been doing lots of jobs upstairs to keep Gill company. Have nearly broken my back shifting Philip’s room round – and Gillian’s and I’ve cleaned the cushions of the three piece – and cleared out some drawers.

Friday 2nd April 1965
Cyril ½ day while I shop.
Gillian still feverish – but quite bright. Cyril’s had a half day and I’ve been in Kingston buying a fabulous hat (pale blue) – shoes, bag, gloves, blue nylons. I’ve given the children a dress parade tonight – Phil was very amused!

Saturday 3rd April 1965
Ted S. birthday.
Anne Redgrave’s wedding 3pm.
Well – I togged myself up and went off to the wedding feeling very much the Lady!! Even wore my Dresden Blue Nylons! Lovely day – lovely bride and everything went off very smoothly. We went back to the Redgrave’s for a short while – home about 8pm as I was a bit concerned as Diana wasn’t at all well and we had left her i/c our two. Gillian improving.

Sunday 4th April 1965
Gillian looking a bit better this morning.
Not a very nice day – Philip and I went out for a short walk this afternoon – to post letters – in the rain! Gillian up for a while.


Week 13 : 22nd – 28th March 1965

Monday 22nd March 1965
Kept Philip in bed as he had several coughing spells during the night.  He’s not too bad today – no temperature. Have finished the washing and ironing – Keep Fit wasn’t over strenuous – or perhaps it’s me – less tired now I have the washing machine.

Tuesday 23rd March 1965
Philip still in bed – but his cough isn’t so persistent. Nasty wet day and I haven’t felt much like work – although I’ve cleaned the brass amongst other things.

Wednesday 24th March 1965
Philip up today and out in the warm sunshine for half an hour this afternoon. I’m afraid my diet has gone by the board – I’ve been eating biscuits today!

Thursday 25th March 1965
Philip back to school. We had an hour up with Gill from 4am  (I eventually made us a cuppa!). Consequently we are both very tired! Cyril had a half day to do some gardening – but instead we went to Tolworth and ordered tiles etc. to do the kitchen.

Friday 26th March 1965
Can’t settle down to anything tonight for wondering how Janet Leyshon is. She had a fall at school and has gone into hospital. Haven’t seen Alma yet.
I’ve been clearing out the larder ready for Cyril to make a start tomorrow.

Saturday 27th March 1965
Busy day today – Cyril has done the larder and put up an extra shelf and it’s looking very smart. I was out in the garden for an hour or so – pottering! The Pritchards came over with the peat etc. Cyril had ordered.
Mary not well and Leonard not home very early so we didn’t play tonight. Just as well, Gill was very sick at 11pm.

Sunday 28th March 1965
Mothering Sunday.
Beautiful summerlike day – I had my presents and breakfast in bed. Gill seems alright and we’ve been out all afternoon, walking on Ranmore Common. Leonard led the way with Di and David.
Cyril put gladioli in today.

Week 12 : 15th – 21st March 1965

Monday 15th March
John’s Birthday
Have thoroughly enjoyed using my machine today – and have done all sorts of other jobs while the washing was doing itself.
Very strenuous Keep Fit tonight! Been on my diet 5 weeks today and have lost 16lbs!

Tuesday 16th March
Poured this afternoon when I went to meet the children – we were soaked. To complicate matters, Phyl asked me to take the baby with me and it was library day.
Not a very interesting Young Wives tonight.

Wednesday 17th March
Timothy’s Birthday
Phil’s Medical 11:20
Philip passed his medical with flying colours and has and a Polio booster this afternoon. No letters again today – I must get down to writing some!

Thursday 18th March
Coffee Morning, Village Centre.
Letter from Rob this morning asking if they can come for a weekend soon. April 9th. Have replied in the affirmative. Not a very exciting time at the Village Centre this morning. Letter from Sue this afternoon.

Friday 19th March
Had just started my big wash when the Parnall man arrived to look at the pilot light – didn’t bring a spare so he has to come again! Consequently, I was a bit behind with my morning’s work. Caught up though and ironed before tea.

Saturday 20th March
Nasty wet morning – we all went to Esher shopping – children sat in the car most of the time. I’ve had a pleasant hour at the Guide’s jumble sale this afternoon! It wasn’t very crowded.
Mary and Leonard came in for Canasta this evening.

Sunday 21st March
Another wet day. We’ve been over to the Redgraves this afternoon. Mike and Anne like their present. Gerald and Ena were away for the weekend. Philip doesn’t look very well – he’s had some coughing spells.

Week 11: 8th – 14th March 1965

Monday 8th March 1965
Managed to wash and iron before going to meet the children. Quite a big Keep Fit class tonight – had a lift home which was most acceptable.

Tuesday 9th March 1965
Cyril’s Birthday
Cyril and I left at school time and have had a very tiring day at the Ideal Home Exhibition (http://www.britishpathe.com/video/ideal-home-exhibition-11). Got what we went for though and I will soon be the proud owner of a Parnall washing machine. Cyril going to meet Leonard tonight.

Wednesday 10th March 1965
Andrew’s birthday
Cyril seems to have started another cold, Gillian coughing a bit too. Let’s hope neither will be serious. I’ve more or less recovered from my tiredness.

Thursday 11th March 1965
Cyril was up with the lark and off to London Airport by 6:30. He’s been up to Glasgow today – home at 5:45pm. It’s been a lovely sunny day – quite warm at times. I don’t think Cyril and I have recovered from our Ideal Home day out yet!

Friday 12th March 1965
Rang Robinsons today and they say my machine will be delivered tomorrow – so I’m doing no more washing!! Mary and I went off with Cyril as far as Surbiton – we did a bit of shopping – bought the foam and doll and have dressed one this afternoon!

Saturday 13th March 1965
Gillian to Sarah’s party.
Cyril still coughing quite a lot. He’s been to Leatherhead this morning and we’ve prepared a space for the machine. It came at lunch time and I’ve had a trial run – took a long time as I had to keep referring to the instructions. I’m sure I’m going to enjoy it though. Have to have the maintenance man in as a pilot light isn’t working.
Played Canasta and lost 2-1.

Sunday 14th March 1965
Carolyn’s birthday
Cyril had a shock this morning – I gave him his breakfast in bed – and Gillian. Haven’t done a great deal today – we turned some stuff out of the loft for the Guides jumble sale.

Week 10 : 1st – 7th March 1965

Monday 1st March 1965
Children went off quite happily. The biggest part of my morning has been spent cleaning the kitchen! Snowing quite heavily this afternoon.
Went out in the cold, cold night to Keep Fit.

Tuesday 2nd March 1965
Young Wives.
I went to Esher on the 11 am bus – after giving the hall and dining room a small spring clean! Did a load of shopping at Pricerite and Cyril picked me up for home at 12:30.
Heard Tim is in hospital for x-rays etc.

Wednesday 3rd March 1965
Cold and snowy again today. I went to Dr Little this morning and he was very pleased with my weight loss – but wants more off and I seem to be at a standstill now!

Thursday 4th March 1965
Oh dear – we awoke to about 3″ of snow and it’s still falling this morning. Traffic conditions chaotic! What of our party? I should like to see a quick thaw tomorrow but doubt if we will!

Friday 5th March 1965
Well thank goodness – there has been a thaw all day and our roads are all clear! Joan has just rung to say they are coming – I’m so pleased. I hope everyone else turns up.

Saturday 6th March 1965
Our wine and cheese party.
Hairdresser 11 am.
Joan and Fred arrived about 1 pm after quite a good journey. Joan and I went to Leatherhead for an hour or so this afternoon. The party was a great success – even though the six from Frimley decided roads were too bad! Molly and Ted came from Watford – a good time was had by all. The party broke up about 12:15 am. Shall ring Joan tonight (Sunday) to see how they got home and to see how Tim is today.

Sunday 7th March 1965
Foggy for an hour or so this morning – but it cleared up by lunch time and I cleaned the car this afternoon. Gill and I had a lie in – tea and toast in bed – until 9:30 am! We got to bed at 01:30 this morning!