Week 10 : 1st – 7th March 1965

Monday 1st March 1965
Children went off quite happily. The biggest part of my morning has been spent cleaning the kitchen! Snowing quite heavily this afternoon.
Went out in the cold, cold night to Keep Fit.

Tuesday 2nd March 1965
Young Wives.
I went to Esher on the 11 am bus – after giving the hall and dining room a small spring clean! Did a load of shopping at Pricerite and Cyril picked me up for home at 12:30.
Heard Tim is in hospital for x-rays etc.

Wednesday 3rd March 1965
Cold and snowy again today. I went to Dr Little this morning and he was very pleased with my weight loss – but wants more off and I seem to be at a standstill now!

Thursday 4th March 1965
Oh dear – we awoke to about 3″ of snow and it’s still falling this morning. Traffic conditions chaotic! What of our party? I should like to see a quick thaw tomorrow but doubt if we will!

Friday 5th March 1965
Well thank goodness – there has been a thaw all day and our roads are all clear! Joan has just rung to say they are coming – I’m so pleased. I hope everyone else turns up.

Saturday 6th March 1965
Our wine and cheese party.
Hairdresser 11 am.
Joan and Fred arrived about 1 pm after quite a good journey. Joan and I went to Leatherhead for an hour or so this afternoon. The party was a great success – even though the six from Frimley decided roads were too bad! Molly and Ted came from Watford – a good time was had by all. The party broke up about 12:15 am. Shall ring Joan tonight (Sunday) to see how they got home and to see how Tim is today.

Sunday 7th March 1965
Foggy for an hour or so this morning – but it cleared up by lunch time and I cleaned the car this afternoon. Gill and I had a lie in – tea and toast in bed – until 9:30 am! We got to bed at 01:30 this morning!


2 thoughts on “Week 10 : 1st – 7th March 1965

  1. As ever, an interesting read, I am glad that the party went ahead, despite the weather! I am thoroughly enjoying reading about your childhood.


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