Week 11: 8th – 14th March 1965

Monday 8th March 1965
Managed to wash and iron before going to meet the children. Quite a big Keep Fit class tonight – had a lift home which was most acceptable.

Tuesday 9th March 1965
Cyril’s Birthday
Cyril and I left at school time and have had a very tiring day at the Ideal Home Exhibition (http://www.britishpathe.com/video/ideal-home-exhibition-11). Got what we went for though and I will soon be the proud owner of a Parnall washing machine. Cyril going to meet Leonard tonight.

Wednesday 10th March 1965
Andrew’s birthday
Cyril seems to have started another cold, Gillian coughing a bit too. Let’s hope neither will be serious. I’ve more or less recovered from my tiredness.

Thursday 11th March 1965
Cyril was up with the lark and off to London Airport by 6:30. He’s been up to Glasgow today – home at 5:45pm. It’s been a lovely sunny day – quite warm at times. I don’t think Cyril and I have recovered from our Ideal Home day out yet!

Friday 12th March 1965
Rang Robinsons today and they say my machine will be delivered tomorrow – so I’m doing no more washing!! Mary and I went off with Cyril as far as Surbiton – we did a bit of shopping – bought the foam and doll and have dressed one this afternoon!

Saturday 13th March 1965
Gillian to Sarah’s party.
Cyril still coughing quite a lot. He’s been to Leatherhead this morning and we’ve prepared a space for the machine. It came at lunch time and I’ve had a trial run – took a long time as I had to keep referring to the instructions. I’m sure I’m going to enjoy it though. Have to have the maintenance man in as a pilot light isn’t working.
Played Canasta and lost 2-1.

Sunday 14th March 1965
Carolyn’s birthday
Cyril had a shock this morning – I gave him his breakfast in bed – and Gillian. Haven’t done a great deal today – we turned some stuff out of the loft for the Guides jumble sale.


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