Week 12 : 15th – 21st March 1965

Monday 15th March
John’s Birthday
Have thoroughly enjoyed using my machine today – and have done all sorts of other jobs while the washing was doing itself.
Very strenuous Keep Fit tonight! Been on my diet 5 weeks today and have lost 16lbs!

Tuesday 16th March
Poured this afternoon when I went to meet the children – we were soaked. To complicate matters, Phyl asked me to take the baby with me and it was library day.
Not a very interesting Young Wives tonight.

Wednesday 17th March
Timothy’s Birthday
Phil’s Medical 11:20
Philip passed his medical with flying colours and has and a Polio booster this afternoon. No letters again today – I must get down to writing some!

Thursday 18th March
Coffee Morning, Village Centre.
Letter from Rob this morning asking if they can come for a weekend soon. April 9th. Have replied in the affirmative. Not a very exciting time at the Village Centre this morning. Letter from Sue this afternoon.

Friday 19th March
Had just started my big wash when the Parnall man arrived to look at the pilot light – didn’t bring a spare so he has to come again! Consequently, I was a bit behind with my morning’s work. Caught up though and ironed before tea.

Saturday 20th March
Nasty wet morning – we all went to Esher shopping – children sat in the car most of the time. I’ve had a pleasant hour at the Guide’s jumble sale this afternoon! It wasn’t very crowded.
Mary and Leonard came in for Canasta this evening.

Sunday 21st March
Another wet day. We’ve been over to the Redgraves this afternoon. Mike and Anne like their present. Gerald and Ena were away for the weekend. Philip doesn’t look very well – he’s had some coughing spells.


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