Week 13 : 22nd – 28th March 1965

Monday 22nd March 1965
Kept Philip in bed as he had several coughing spells during the night.  He’s not too bad today – no temperature. Have finished the washing and ironing – Keep Fit wasn’t over strenuous – or perhaps it’s me – less tired now I have the washing machine.

Tuesday 23rd March 1965
Philip still in bed – but his cough isn’t so persistent. Nasty wet day and I haven’t felt much like work – although I’ve cleaned the brass amongst other things.

Wednesday 24th March 1965
Philip up today and out in the warm sunshine for half an hour this afternoon. I’m afraid my diet has gone by the board – I’ve been eating biscuits today!

Thursday 25th March 1965
Philip back to school. We had an hour up with Gill from 4am  (I eventually made us a cuppa!). Consequently we are both very tired! Cyril had a half day to do some gardening – but instead we went to Tolworth and ordered tiles etc. to do the kitchen.

Friday 26th March 1965
Can’t settle down to anything tonight for wondering how Janet Leyshon is. She had a fall at school and has gone into hospital. Haven’t seen Alma yet.
I’ve been clearing out the larder ready for Cyril to make a start tomorrow.

Saturday 27th March 1965
Busy day today – Cyril has done the larder and put up an extra shelf and it’s looking very smart. I was out in the garden for an hour or so – pottering! The Pritchards came over with the peat etc. Cyril had ordered.
Mary not well and Leonard not home very early so we didn’t play tonight. Just as well, Gill was very sick at 11pm.

Sunday 28th March 1965
Mothering Sunday.
Beautiful summerlike day – I had my presents and breakfast in bed. Gill seems alright and we’ve been out all afternoon, walking on Ranmore Common. Leonard led the way with Di and David.
Cyril put gladioli in today.

One thought on “Week 13 : 22nd – 28th March 1965

  1. I am glad that you seem to have grown
    Out of your childhood illnesses! Hopefully you “will be” stronger when the summer “comes” .
    Another interesting read!


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