Week 14 : 29th March – 4th April 1965

Monday 29th March 1965
Last Keep Fit
Have had a busy day – Gill had to go back to bed after breakfast this morning with a temperature of 102°! Mary is in bed too – then David came home ill – then Diana!! I’ve done all my washing and ironing and have also mowed the back lawn. It looks lovely! Consequently I wasn’t very interested in Keep Fit! Not many there.

Tuesday 30th March 1965
Redgraves 8:30pm
Gillian up today and seems not too bad. She stayed with Phyl while I went to the bank and to Pricerite for my big shopping. Cyril picked me up at 12:30. We had a very pleasant evening with Gerald and Ena – Anne has some lovely presents. Phyl sat in for us!

Wednesday 31st March 1965
Gillian very poorly again with a temperature of 102.6°. I called in at the surgery and Doctor Little gave me a bottle of tonic for her. He says she has flu – again. Thank goodness Philip seems full of beans.

Thursday 1st April 1965
Cyril in town a.m.
Gillian still poorly. I’ve been doing lots of jobs upstairs to keep Gill company. Have nearly broken my back shifting Philip’s room round – and Gillian’s and I’ve cleaned the cushions of the three piece – and cleared out some drawers.

Friday 2nd April 1965
Cyril ½ day while I shop.
Gillian still feverish – but quite bright. Cyril’s had a half day and I’ve been in Kingston buying a fabulous hat (pale blue) – shoes, bag, gloves, blue nylons. I’ve given the children a dress parade tonight – Phil was very amused!

Saturday 3rd April 1965
Ted S. birthday.
Anne Redgrave’s wedding 3pm.
Well – I togged myself up and went off to the wedding feeling very much the Lady!! Even wore my Dresden Blue Nylons! Lovely day – lovely bride and everything went off very smoothly. We went back to the Redgrave’s for a short while – home about 8pm as I was a bit concerned as Diana wasn’t at all well and we had left her i/c our two. Gillian improving.

Sunday 4th April 1965
Gillian looking a bit better this morning.
Not a very nice day – Philip and I went out for a short walk this afternoon – to post letters – in the rain! Gillian up for a while.


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