Week 18 : 26th April – 2nd May 1965

Monday 26th April 1965
Acknowledgement from Staylong today.
Very cold and blustery day – washing dried quickly this morning – a good thing I had it out early. Only managed a short walk around the block – between heavy thunder showers this afternoon.

Tuesday 27th April 1965
Young Wives
Been very quiet today with the children at school. Very stormy and cold too – just like winter.
Nothing much of import to relate. Young Wives tonight. Hope it won’t be raining.

Wednesday 28th April 1965
Cyril had his last day off today. We went to Tolworth after dropping the children at school. Had a coffee out – then back to hard digging for Cyril and I spent the rest of the morning cleaning out the garage.
Showery weather.

Thursday 29th April 1965
Better day today – some sunshine
Gillian went dancing after school. Philip complained of tummy ache at tea time and went to bed without any tea. I mowed the lawn and have since been doing my month end accounts.

Friday 30th April 1965
Cyril to Avonmouth 06:00
Cyril was very late home and as soon as he got in (8:40) Leonard took Mary and I to the farm for our pork and eggs. Disappointing venture though – most of the pork had been sold. Mary and I went to Esher this morning – bank and shopping.

Saturday 1st May 1965
We went to Tolworth to shop this morning – parking was easy over the supermarket. Bought slippers and plimsolls for Phil, slippers for me and shoes for Gillian.
Oh – did something I’ve always wanted to do – bought a crab and dressed it for tea. Very nice too!

Sunday 2nd May 1965
Lovely day. I’ve washed the car – Cyril not feeling so well – I wish he would go to the Doctor – he has a bad back ache, swollen ankle and a sty on his eye. We went to the Arts and Crafts Exhibition at the Villiage Centre – then for a ride round the district!
Shampooed us all after tea.


Week 17 : 19th – 25th April 1965

Monday 19th April 1965
Very cold – in fact we’ve had a little snow and hail. Cyril finished off behind the cooker in the kitchen and we’ve tidied up in there. I’m very pleased with the result. Have just had a shampoo and may write to Olly in USA.

Tuesday 20th April 1965
Not a nice day – but between showers I’ve dried all the washing – including some dresses Mur sent last year for Gillian. Shall have to turn them up tonight.

Wednesday 21st April 1965
Still very cold but dry so the children have played out of doors all morning. This afternoon I’ve been out on the Heath with them – Ivy and Helen came too and we have walked!

Thursday 22nd April 1965
Gillian dancing.
Did a load of washing and ironing today – managed to clean up in time to take Gill dancing – gave a month’s notice. Posted the slides to Barrie today.

Friday 23rd April 1965
Avon 2pm
Gill – hairdresser 4pm
I was going to have an easy day inside and clean the paintwork outside today, but somehow things piled up and I didn’t start outside until three and had to take Gill for a haircut at 3:40! However, I finished the paintwork this evening.

Saturday 24th April 1965
Bill and Cyril replacing an exhaust valve and petrol pump on the car this morning. It should be in good trim for the holidays now. I went to Esher with the Turners – so it was a late shopping do today! Ivy and I had an hour at the jumble sale this afternoon. Not exciting!! Had a chicken dinner tonight with our Canasta session.
Washed the car before tea.

Sunday 25th April 1965
Polished the car before Sunday School.
Dull day. Have had a busy baking morning. Children went to Sunday School. We are waiting to see if the weather clears up then we may go for a ride round.

Week 16 : 12th to 18th April 1965

Monday 12th April 1965
We went to Kingston market after Cyril had gone to the office – bought some kitchen towels and were very fortunate that we got into the car before it poured.  The family left at quarter to two and since then I have hoovered all through and done all the washing.

Tuesday 13th April 1965
Took me two hours to do my ironing this morning! This afternoon we’ve had a long walk over the Heath, calling at the Library on our way home. Big day for Phil – he joined!!

Wednesday 14th April 1965
Nasty wet day – we haven’t been out at all – I’ve done a long overdue job tonight and written to Barrie and Betty. Cyril has been down giving Bill a hand for two hours.

Thursday 15th April 1965
Posted letter to Barrie
Posted order to Staylong
Cyril finished at midday so we had a quick trip to Esher – shopping. This afternoon Gillian and I have been making the Hot Cross Buns and the Easter Cake. She is looking forward to our decorating it tomorrow. Cyril made a start on the kitchen.

Good Friday 16th April 1965
Cyril’s had a busy day today on the kitchen. He was up early and put the first coat on the ceiling before breakfast. The paper is on now and looking very nice. I’ve had a day in the garden – keeping out of the way!

Saturday 17th April 1965
We went to Claygate Nurseries early for our vegetables – only had a few odds and ends of shopping to do. We were back by 9:30. Cyril has worked hard on the kitchen all day. He did have an hour’s break as we had a run out to Chessington looking for some more tile adhesive. No luck. Played Canasta this evening.

Easter Day 18th April 1965
Kitchen is looking very smart. Not finished yet. Cyril is having a day off. Children have had lots of Easter Eggs given them. We all went to Church at 10am. Disappointing weather but we managed to dodge the showers this afternoon. Followed Leonard and Mary to Effingham and then walked across fields where we picked Cowslips – first time I’ve done that for 15 years!

Week 15 : 5th – 11th April 1965

Monday 5th April 1965
Darn it – for the first time I’ve forgotten Ted Smith’s birthday. Gillian’s temperature normal today and she’s been dressed since 4pm – shall have to see what tomorrow brings forth.

Tuesday 6th April 1965
Parochial Church Council AGM 8:15pm
Parnall – early
Gillian has been up all day and seems none the worse for it. I spent 1½ hours mending her eiderdown this morning.
Budget Day – nothing to make us any richer!!

Wednesday 7th April 1965
Nice day – I’ve been doing all sorts of jobs – we decided to send Gillian to school after all and she doesn’t seem to have suffered! Ivy came up for a cuppa. Did some gardening this evening.

Thursday 8th April 1965
School breaks up
Busy day preparing for tomorrow. Cyril rang at midday and said he would have a half day – he did an hour’s gardening then met the children and we went to Tolworth for the remaining kitchen tiles and to have Phil’s hair cut. We’re all very tired!

Friday 9th April 1965
Dental 10:00am
Rob and Marg, Robert and Anne for weekend.
R & M arrived 1:30pm. Minor flap this morning when Gillian complained of tummy ache and was very sick! Cyril stayed at home for the morning and did Phil’s dental and the Bank. Nice to see R & M and family. We settled the children down quite satisfactorily for the night.

Saturday 10th April 1965
Michele’s party.
Maggie and I have had an hour at the jumble sale this morning – it was a bit of a fiasco and we only bought a few bits. R & M went again after lunch and bought a few more bits! Gillian went off to Michele’s party and had a lovely time. Rob, Mag, Robert, Anne and I went to Tolworth and had a session in the supermarket.
Played cards this evening.

Sunday 11th April 1965 (Palm Sunday)
Quite a nice morning – Rob, Marg and I took the children for a very long walk over the Heath (www.oxshottheath.org) before lunch and everyone was ravenous at lunch time. Not a very nice afternoon – we did a little gardening then went to Effingham for some eggs.