Week 15 : 5th – 11th April 1965

Monday 5th April 1965
Darn it – for the first time I’ve forgotten Ted Smith’s birthday. Gillian’s temperature normal today and she’s been dressed since 4pm – shall have to see what tomorrow brings forth.

Tuesday 6th April 1965
Parochial Church Council AGM 8:15pm
Parnall – early
Gillian has been up all day and seems none the worse for it. I spent 1½ hours mending her eiderdown this morning.
Budget Day – nothing to make us any richer!!

Wednesday 7th April 1965
Nice day – I’ve been doing all sorts of jobs – we decided to send Gillian to school after all and she doesn’t seem to have suffered! Ivy came up for a cuppa. Did some gardening this evening.

Thursday 8th April 1965
School breaks up
Busy day preparing for tomorrow. Cyril rang at midday and said he would have a half day – he did an hour’s gardening then met the children and we went to Tolworth for the remaining kitchen tiles and to have Phil’s hair cut. We’re all very tired!

Friday 9th April 1965
Dental 10:00am
Rob and Marg, Robert and Anne for weekend.
R & M arrived 1:30pm. Minor flap this morning when Gillian complained of tummy ache and was very sick! Cyril stayed at home for the morning and did Phil’s dental and the Bank. Nice to see R & M and family. We settled the children down quite satisfactorily for the night.

Saturday 10th April 1965
Michele’s party.
Maggie and I have had an hour at the jumble sale this morning – it was a bit of a fiasco and we only bought a few bits. R & M went again after lunch and bought a few more bits! Gillian went off to Michele’s party and had a lovely time. Rob, Mag, Robert, Anne and I went to Tolworth and had a session in the supermarket.
Played cards this evening.

Sunday 11th April 1965 (Palm Sunday)
Quite a nice morning – Rob, Marg and I took the children for a very long walk over the Heath (www.oxshottheath.org) before lunch and everyone was ravenous at lunch time. Not a very nice afternoon – we did a little gardening then went to Effingham for some eggs.


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