Week 17 : 19th – 25th April 1965

Monday 19th April 1965
Very cold – in fact we’ve had a little snow and hail. Cyril finished off behind the cooker in the kitchen and we’ve tidied up in there. I’m very pleased with the result. Have just had a shampoo and may write to Olly in USA.

Tuesday 20th April 1965
Not a nice day – but between showers I’ve dried all the washing – including some dresses Mur sent last year for Gillian. Shall have to turn them up tonight.

Wednesday 21st April 1965
Still very cold but dry so the children have played out of doors all morning. This afternoon I’ve been out on the Heath with them – Ivy and Helen came too and we have walked!

Thursday 22nd April 1965
Gillian dancing.
Did a load of washing and ironing today – managed to clean up in time to take Gill dancing – gave a month’s notice. Posted the slides to Barrie today.

Friday 23rd April 1965
Avon 2pm
Gill – hairdresser 4pm
I was going to have an easy day inside and clean the paintwork outside today, but somehow things piled up and I didn’t start outside until three and had to take Gill for a haircut at 3:40! However, I finished the paintwork this evening.

Saturday 24th April 1965
Bill and Cyril replacing an exhaust valve and petrol pump on the car this morning. It should be in good trim for the holidays now. I went to Esher with the Turners – so it was a late shopping do today! Ivy and I had an hour at the jumble sale this afternoon. Not exciting!! Had a chicken dinner tonight with our Canasta session.
Washed the car before tea.

Sunday 25th April 1965
Polished the car before Sunday School.
Dull day. Have had a busy baking morning. Children went to Sunday School. We are waiting to see if the weather clears up then we may go for a ride round.


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