Week 23 : 31st May – 6th June 1965

Monday 31st May 1965
Gillian hairdresser 4:15pm
Had a good morning in Kingston – though it meant Cyril having a half day to stay with Phil, who is in bed:- coughing and with a slightly raised temperature. Bought myself a very smart navy and white bathing suit in M & S – Reduced to 39/11d. (£1.99½)

Tuesday 1st June 1965
Cyril to Cardiff
Had a disturbed night with Phil – I’ve put him on Terramycin, but now he has diarrhoea! Very worrying with the holiday so near. Been very wet all day – most depressing weather. Our car coats came today. Very nice too.
Washed the car tonight.
Stopped Phil’s coughing with peppermint & hot water!!

Wednesday 2nd June 1965
Thank goodness Phil slept all night, but was sick and poorly when he woke so I called Dr Little. He’s put him on Gantresan and says he will be all right for Friday – he went as far as to suggest we leave at 2am! I’ve polished the car and mown the lawns this afternoon. Thank goodness Phil seems a bit better. Cyril home at 6pm.

Thursday 3rd June 1965
9:30am Hairdresser – me
Managed to get my hair done and everything is piling up on me now. Taking Dr Little’s advice we are hoping to get away at 3am! Phil anxious to get up – he seems okay today but am keeping him in bed until tea time.

Holiday tea time '66

Peggy and Gill get a brew on!

Friday 4th June 1965
We set off at 3am – drove through a great deal of mist. Had our breakfast on the roadside at 6am – forced on us by a flat!! Cyril changed the wheel while I cooked and brewed and we were away again in ¾ hour. We were on the edge of Dartmoor – playing cricket and brewing up our coffee at 9:30!!
Found The Laurels, but drove on to Padstow as we were too early. We had our lunch in a very nice park – where the children enjoyed swings etc. In the afternoon we explored beaches.

Saturday 5th June 1965
It poured most of the day – but we had the morning on the beach – Treyarnon Bay. Gill and I went in the sea. Very cold. From there we took the coast road – having a look at all the bays on the way to Newquay. Called in at Perranporth and had an expensive cuppa in a cafe. Home then by 6pm.
Very comfortable at The Laurels. I feel I’m going to have a job to keep my weight down! Philip not too bad, but not right yet. I’m still a bit concerned about him.
Collected the repaired wheel in Wadebridge – 22/6d! (£1.12½)

Sunday 6th June 1965
Whit Sunday
Another wet day! However, we’ve spent the whole day at Treyarnon Bay where I tried surfing!! Gillian and I went into the sea – had to hurry out because of rain. We all enjoyed rock climbing after lunch during the sunny spells! We’ve been for a ride round this evening – rather spoiled by an unaccountable smell of burning in the car.

Treyarnon Bay Beach C

Treyarnon Bay, Nr Padstow, Cornwall


Week 22 : 24th – 30th May 1965

Monday 24th May 1965
Been a very stormy day – in and out with the washing. However, I dried it enough to be able to iron most of it before going to school. One good thing – all the new plants are standing up well after the rain.

Tuesday 25th May 1965
Open Day at School 1:45-3:45pm.
Young Wives.
We both had a look at the children’s work – both satisfactory – average. It doesn’t look as though we have a couple of budding genius-es on our hands!! Gillian has a good imagination – Phil has a more precise mind – judging by their ‘News Books’.
Very interesting Young Wives meeting.

Gill and Phil at school

Gill and Phil at school

Wednesday 26th May 1965
Half-day school.
Gave them all a new fish pie for lunch as a result of our Young Wives ‘Know Your Fish’. Very popular and as it is a cheap dish we will certainly have it again!

Thursday 27th May 1965
Ascension Day.
Day off from school.
Church 9:15am.
Went to the village after church – disappointing wet morning. I’ve had to leave the lawn half cut. Managed to finish the lawns and ColourGlo my hair this afternoon. Ironed after tea and I have done my month end accounts.

Friday 28th May 1965
Cyril dental.
Ivy and I went to a coffee morning-cum-bring and buy sale at Mrs Hedges in Goldrings Road this morning. Quite enjoyable.
After lunch Cyril dropped us at Esher where I went to the bank, and did some of the weekend shopping. We were only there for half an hour. VERY cold.
Phil and Gill had tea at the Leyshons.

Saturday 29th May 1965
Very cold day. We shopped at Leatherhead. Bought some of the holiday ‘stuff’. Philip has a heavy cold in the nose – he only came to the morning session of the Young Farmers Show – I had to go again this afternoon with Gillian.

Sunday 30th May 1965
Cyril and I put in the last box of Nemesia this morning – it’s been a ‘Jack of all trades’ day for me – I’ve baked, gardened (lawns as well) washed, ironed and cooked and houseworked!
Philip fighting a cold. Fingers crossed!

Week 21 : 17th – 23rd May 1965

Monday 17th May 1965
Postal rates up today – 4d for a letter!
Disquieting news from Joan that Tim has had a tumour removed from his spine. That’s all I know – and am praying that it was a non-malignant type. Shall hear more from Joan in the week I expect.

Tuesday 18th May 1965
Haven’t felt like work today – I’m worrying about Tim. I went to Esher this morning – had an hour on the bed this afternoon. Rained hard this afternoon.

Wednesday 19th May 1965
Gillian to tea with Nicky.
Mary and I went to a coffee morning in aid of Cancer Research this morning – bought a few plants for the borders! Cyril has put in some tomato plants and now there is a ground frost warning.

Thursday 20th May 1965
Mrs Lister to tea.
3 extra for lunch.
Entertained three from the office for lunch – Prawn Cocktail; Mixed Grill, Peas and new Potatoes; Lemon Meringue Pie; Cheese & Biscuits; Coffee. A good time was had by all and I finished washing up in time for my tea visitors. Mrs Lister and Andrew came in after school.

Friday 21st May 1965
Cyril to London Docks early.
Walked to school this morning as Cyril went off with Ron Fuzzey at 8:20. I’ve done a load of washing and ironing. Cyril home about 6:30 and after a cuppa we went to Cobham and did some shopping.

Saturday 22nd May 1965
We’ve had a lovely day – shopped in Leatherhead, then packed the boot with picnic gear and we set off at 10:45. Cooked sausages etc. by the river opposite Runnymede Fields. Gillian and Philip did enjoy it we went up to see the Kennedy Memorial.
We were at the Churchill Hospital at 2:30 and what a surprise we gave Joan, Fred and Tim! Found Tim up but very weak and looking pale and thin. He came out in the sunshine for a bit and sat with the children. Joan, Fred and I brewed up a cuppa in a delightful spot off the A40, then we took the A40 all the way home. Got here 6:30ish.
Played cards with Leonard and Mary!

Sunday 23rd May 1965
Feel better after seeing Tim – I hope he soon cheers up a bit – he’s in a depressing ward with old people.
We’ve worked hard on the garden today and have put in five boxes of bedding plants. All tired out tonight.

Week 20 : 10th – 16th May 1965

Monday 10th May 1965
Nice day – children were delighted when I put the tent on the lawn after school! Have done a bit of gardening. Posted a small parcel to Tim at W.R.I. (Worcester Royal Infirmary) this morning. Weighed 11st 5lbs this morning. Lowest since 1956!

Tuesday 11th May 1965
Mary and I went to Esher this morning. Caught the 10:20 bus home and since then I’ve done some digging and a bit of housework. Cyril wasn’t home to lunch so I only had a cold one myself.

Wednesday 12th May 1965
Cyril to Leeds – Mount Hotel, Clarendon Road, Leeds.
Cyril went off at 11:15 and I’ve been very busy all day until 9:30 tonight. Have washed five blankets and dried them all!

Thursday 13th May 1965
Cyril home.
Mowed both lawns this morning and was very hot when I had finished! Gillian had Nicky to tea and Phil had Susan! Fortunately it’s been a hot day so they all had tea outside. I was pleasantly surprised when Cyril arrived home about 5pm.

Friday 14th May 1965
Gillian dental 12:30
Rang Joan tonight – Tim had his operation yesterday in Radcliffe Infirmary. We toyed with the idea of going off early tomorrow to see Joan but she sounded more cheerful when I rang. Hope Tim is going to be all right.

Saturday 15th May 1965
We were off at 8am and at Gamages soon after 9:00.  We’ve had a hard and expensive morning! Kept going for over three hours, buying shirts, socks, sandals, car rack and so on. We had lunch out but a very poor one and a slow journey back. Shopped at Tolworth on the way back, voted in Oxshott and home about 3:30!
Cyril finished the digging.

Sunday 16th May 1965
Showery this morning – we were able to put up the bean net after lunch and put out the beans. It’s lovely that the digging is finished! I’ve also mowed the lawns, and shampooed and bathed us all too!
Just written to Tim at Radcliffe.

Week 19 : 3rd – 9th May 1965

Monday 3rd May 1965
Bank Holiday in Scotland.
Fine drying day!
Finished the wash quite early and left the ironing ’til this evening as I had several gardening jobs to do. Gillian seems a bit off colour and was very tearful at bedtime.

Tuesday 4th May 1965
Did a load of shopping at Pricerite this morning – three bags full!! Could hardly make the rendez-vous I had with Cyril!
Nasty, wet day – I was going to clean windows!

Wednesday 5th May 1965
Cyril bringing 4 to lunch.
Tea at the Listers.
Our luncheon party went off very well – kettle went wrong though as I was waiting for it to boil for coffee!! The children and I had a lovely afternoon at the Listers – they did enjoy the garden.

Thursday 6th May 1965
Kevin’s party.
P.T.A. 7:45.
Children enjoyed the party – Gill went along after dancing.
I went to the P.T.A. Very good attendance. Had a drink at The Victoria afterwards with the Mayhews.

Friday 7th May 1965
Cyril dental.
Went to Surbiton this morning and finished off the weekend shopping. Bought a screen at Boots for showing our films. Very loaded and very tired when I got home.
Baked this evening.

Saturday 8th May 1965
Doris and Will for the day.
Cyril was away by 8:30 and back with Doris and Will soon after 11a.m. We’ve all had a nice day – though Doris has yet to see a squirrel on our lawn. My diet has gone by the board somewhat with all the baking!
Cyril took Doris and Will home at 6:40 and was back at 9:10p.m. Very tired.

Sunday 9th May 1965
Philip not well this morning – awake at 5:30 a.m. coughing rather a lot. I seem to have started a cold too. We all seem tired and just a bit touchy! Wrote to Joan tonight.