Week 19 : 3rd – 9th May 1965

Monday 3rd May 1965
Bank Holiday in Scotland.
Fine drying day!
Finished the wash quite early and left the ironing ’til this evening as I had several gardening jobs to do. Gillian seems a bit off colour and was very tearful at bedtime.

Tuesday 4th May 1965
Did a load of shopping at Pricerite this morning – three bags full!! Could hardly make the rendez-vous I had with Cyril!
Nasty, wet day – I was going to clean windows!

Wednesday 5th May 1965
Cyril bringing 4 to lunch.
Tea at the Listers.
Our luncheon party went off very well – kettle went wrong though as I was waiting for it to boil for coffee!! The children and I had a lovely afternoon at the Listers – they did enjoy the garden.

Thursday 6th May 1965
Kevin’s party.
P.T.A. 7:45.
Children enjoyed the party – Gill went along after dancing.
I went to the P.T.A. Very good attendance. Had a drink at The Victoria afterwards with the Mayhews.

Friday 7th May 1965
Cyril dental.
Went to Surbiton this morning and finished off the weekend shopping. Bought a screen at Boots for showing our films. Very loaded and very tired when I got home.
Baked this evening.

Saturday 8th May 1965
Doris and Will for the day.
Cyril was away by 8:30 and back with Doris and Will soon after 11a.m. We’ve all had a nice day – though Doris has yet to see a squirrel on our lawn. My diet has gone by the board somewhat with all the baking!
Cyril took Doris and Will home at 6:40 and was back at 9:10p.m. Very tired.

Sunday 9th May 1965
Philip not well this morning – awake at 5:30 a.m. coughing rather a lot. I seem to have started a cold too. We all seem tired and just a bit touchy! Wrote to Joan tonight.

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