Week 20 : 10th – 16th May 1965

Monday 10th May 1965
Nice day – children were delighted when I put the tent on the lawn after school! Have done a bit of gardening. Posted a small parcel to Tim at W.R.I. (Worcester Royal Infirmary) this morning. Weighed 11st 5lbs this morning. Lowest since 1956!

Tuesday 11th May 1965
Mary and I went to Esher this morning. Caught the 10:20 bus home and since then I’ve done some digging and a bit of housework. Cyril wasn’t home to lunch so I only had a cold one myself.

Wednesday 12th May 1965
Cyril to Leeds – Mount Hotel, Clarendon Road, Leeds.
Cyril went off at 11:15 and I’ve been very busy all day until 9:30 tonight. Have washed five blankets and dried them all!

Thursday 13th May 1965
Cyril home.
Mowed both lawns this morning and was very hot when I had finished! Gillian had Nicky to tea and Phil had Susan! Fortunately it’s been a hot day so they all had tea outside. I was pleasantly surprised when Cyril arrived home about 5pm.

Friday 14th May 1965
Gillian dental 12:30
Rang Joan tonight – Tim had his operation yesterday in Radcliffe Infirmary. We toyed with the idea of going off early tomorrow to see Joan but she sounded more cheerful when I rang. Hope Tim is going to be all right.

Saturday 15th May 1965
We were off at 8am and at Gamages soon after 9:00.  We’ve had a hard and expensive morning! Kept going for over three hours, buying shirts, socks, sandals, car rack and so on. We had lunch out but a very poor one and a slow journey back. Shopped at Tolworth on the way back, voted in Oxshott and home about 3:30!
Cyril finished the digging.

Sunday 16th May 1965
Showery this morning – we were able to put up the bean net after lunch and put out the beans. It’s lovely that the digging is finished! I’ve also mowed the lawns, and shampooed and bathed us all too!
Just written to Tim at Radcliffe.


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