Week 21 : 17th – 23rd May 1965

Monday 17th May 1965
Postal rates up today – 4d for a letter!
Disquieting news from Joan that Tim has had a tumour removed from his spine. That’s all I know – and am praying that it was a non-malignant type. Shall hear more from Joan in the week I expect.

Tuesday 18th May 1965
Haven’t felt like work today – I’m worrying about Tim. I went to Esher this morning – had an hour on the bed this afternoon. Rained hard this afternoon.

Wednesday 19th May 1965
Gillian to tea with Nicky.
Mary and I went to a coffee morning in aid of Cancer Research this morning – bought a few plants for the borders! Cyril has put in some tomato plants and now there is a ground frost warning.

Thursday 20th May 1965
Mrs Lister to tea.
3 extra for lunch.
Entertained three from the office for lunch – Prawn Cocktail; Mixed Grill, Peas and new Potatoes; Lemon Meringue Pie; Cheese & Biscuits; Coffee. A good time was had by all and I finished washing up in time for my tea visitors. Mrs Lister and Andrew came in after school.

Friday 21st May 1965
Cyril to London Docks early.
Walked to school this morning as Cyril went off with Ron Fuzzey at 8:20. I’ve done a load of washing and ironing. Cyril home about 6:30 and after a cuppa we went to Cobham and did some shopping.

Saturday 22nd May 1965
We’ve had a lovely day – shopped in Leatherhead, then packed the boot with picnic gear and we set off at 10:45. Cooked sausages etc. by the river opposite Runnymede Fields. Gillian and Philip did enjoy it we went up to see the Kennedy Memorial.
We were at the Churchill Hospital at 2:30 and what a surprise we gave Joan, Fred and Tim! Found Tim up but very weak and looking pale and thin. He came out in the sunshine for a bit and sat with the children. Joan, Fred and I brewed up a cuppa in a delightful spot off the A40, then we took the A40 all the way home. Got here 6:30ish.
Played cards with Leonard and Mary!

Sunday 23rd May 1965
Feel better after seeing Tim – I hope he soon cheers up a bit – he’s in a depressing ward with old people.
We’ve worked hard on the garden today and have put in five boxes of bedding plants. All tired out tonight.


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