Week 22 : 24th – 30th May 1965

Monday 24th May 1965
Been a very stormy day – in and out with the washing. However, I dried it enough to be able to iron most of it before going to school. One good thing – all the new plants are standing up well after the rain.

Tuesday 25th May 1965
Open Day at School 1:45-3:45pm.
Young Wives.
We both had a look at the children’s work – both satisfactory – average. It doesn’t look as though we have a couple of budding genius-es on our hands!! Gillian has a good imagination – Phil has a more precise mind – judging by their ‘News Books’.
Very interesting Young Wives meeting.

Gill and Phil at school

Gill and Phil at school

Wednesday 26th May 1965
Half-day school.
Gave them all a new fish pie for lunch as a result of our Young Wives ‘Know Your Fish’. Very popular and as it is a cheap dish we will certainly have it again!

Thursday 27th May 1965
Ascension Day.
Day off from school.
Church 9:15am.
Went to the village after church – disappointing wet morning. I’ve had to leave the lawn half cut. Managed to finish the lawns and ColourGlo my hair this afternoon. Ironed after tea and I have done my month end accounts.

Friday 28th May 1965
Cyril dental.
Ivy and I went to a coffee morning-cum-bring and buy sale at Mrs Hedges in Goldrings Road this morning. Quite enjoyable.
After lunch Cyril dropped us at Esher where I went to the bank, and did some of the weekend shopping. We were only there for half an hour. VERY cold.
Phil and Gill had tea at the Leyshons.

Saturday 29th May 1965
Very cold day. We shopped at Leatherhead. Bought some of the holiday ‘stuff’. Philip has a heavy cold in the nose – he only came to the morning session of the Young Farmers Show – I had to go again this afternoon with Gillian.

Sunday 30th May 1965
Cyril and I put in the last box of Nemesia this morning – it’s been a ‘Jack of all trades’ day for me – I’ve baked, gardened (lawns as well) washed, ironed and cooked and houseworked!
Philip fighting a cold. Fingers crossed!

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