Week 23 : 31st May – 6th June 1965

Monday 31st May 1965
Gillian hairdresser 4:15pm
Had a good morning in Kingston – though it meant Cyril having a half day to stay with Phil, who is in bed:- coughing and with a slightly raised temperature. Bought myself a very smart navy and white bathing suit in M & S – Reduced to 39/11d. (£1.99½)

Tuesday 1st June 1965
Cyril to Cardiff
Had a disturbed night with Phil – I’ve put him on Terramycin, but now he has diarrhoea! Very worrying with the holiday so near. Been very wet all day – most depressing weather. Our car coats came today. Very nice too.
Washed the car tonight.
Stopped Phil’s coughing with peppermint & hot water!!

Wednesday 2nd June 1965
Thank goodness Phil slept all night, but was sick and poorly when he woke so I called Dr Little. He’s put him on Gantresan and says he will be all right for Friday – he went as far as to suggest we leave at 2am! I’ve polished the car and mown the lawns this afternoon. Thank goodness Phil seems a bit better. Cyril home at 6pm.

Thursday 3rd June 1965
9:30am Hairdresser – me
Managed to get my hair done and everything is piling up on me now. Taking Dr Little’s advice we are hoping to get away at 3am! Phil anxious to get up – he seems okay today but am keeping him in bed until tea time.

Holiday tea time '66

Peggy and Gill get a brew on!

Friday 4th June 1965
We set off at 3am – drove through a great deal of mist. Had our breakfast on the roadside at 6am – forced on us by a flat!! Cyril changed the wheel while I cooked and brewed and we were away again in ¾ hour. We were on the edge of Dartmoor – playing cricket and brewing up our coffee at 9:30!!
Found The Laurels, but drove on to Padstow as we were too early. We had our lunch in a very nice park – where the children enjoyed swings etc. In the afternoon we explored beaches.

Saturday 5th June 1965
It poured most of the day – but we had the morning on the beach – Treyarnon Bay. Gill and I went in the sea. Very cold. From there we took the coast road – having a look at all the bays on the way to Newquay. Called in at Perranporth and had an expensive cuppa in a cafe. Home then by 6pm.
Very comfortable at The Laurels. I feel I’m going to have a job to keep my weight down! Philip not too bad, but not right yet. I’m still a bit concerned about him.
Collected the repaired wheel in Wadebridge – 22/6d! (£1.12½)

Sunday 6th June 1965
Whit Sunday
Another wet day! However, we’ve spent the whole day at Treyarnon Bay where I tried surfing!! Gillian and I went into the sea – had to hurry out because of rain. We all enjoyed rock climbing after lunch during the sunny spells! We’ve been for a ride round this evening – rather spoiled by an unaccountable smell of burning in the car.

Treyarnon Bay Beach C

Treyarnon Bay, Nr Padstow, Cornwall


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