Week 27 : 28th June 1965 – 4th July 1965

Monday 28th June 1965
Started well with the washing – but Mary is back so I was delayed somewhat! Cyril has had a half day and laid the first layer of cement. I did what I could to help – then walked to the village and met the children on the way home. Rang Joan.

Tuesday 29th June 1965
Quite a nice day – more like Summer now. Cyril and I have been doing a bit more of the structural alteration – knocking the wall down.
Molly rang this evening.

Wednesday 30th June 1965
Had a quiet morning doing my office work. Made up for it later by defrosting the fridge and giving the oven a birthday. Cyril left for London Airport to see a loading and spent the night there!

Thursday 1st July 1965
Cyril got home at 7am! He spent the morning in bed. I went to Esher shopping etc. Cyril came to collect me and we ended up having lunch out and buying him some shoes in a sale. Had my hair done this afternoon. Joan rang.

Friday 2nd July 1965
To Sedgeberrow (Worcestershire) this evening.
We left at 5:45pm – a very long delay at Henley due to the Regatta. Arrived at Joan’s at 9:15pm Soon had the children in bed. We went very late. Tim looking better.

Mr and Mrs Michael Taylor

Mr and Mrs Michael Taylor

Saturday 3rd July 1965
Mick’s Wedding & our 15th Anniversary
A great surprise – Cyril gave me a crystal vase!
A hectic morning. We all left for Callow End at 10:00. Did the hall flowers and church. Lunch at Marg’s. Wedding at 2:30pm. All went well, but I can’t believe Mick is wed!
Father seemed down in the dumps – Ted got drunk, but we sobered him up at Marg’s afterwards. Mick and Sue went off with great hilarity! We left the reception about 6:30 and Marg’s at 9ish. Joan, Dad, Mur and I took flowers to Mum’s grave.

Phil, Peggy, Gill, Mick, Dad, Rob, and Sue

Phil, Peggy, Gill, Mick, Dad, Rob, and Sue

"Cheers Fred". "Don't mind if I do Cyril!" Who left these two in charge of the bar?

“Cheers Fred”. “Don’t mind if I do Cyril!” Who left these two in charge of the bar?

Eileen, Muriel, Joan, Dad, Tim, Carolyn, Peggy, Anne and Margaret.

Eileen, Muriel, Joan, Dad, Tim, Carolyn, Peggy, Anne and Margaret.




Sunday 4th July 1965
We all had a lie-in and a very nice morning, playing badminton, amongst other things. Cyril and Fred went pea picking! Came home with a bag of peas and beans. We left at 3:30 – home a different way – arrived here 7pm.


Week 26 : 21st – 27th June 1965

Monday 21st June 1965
Summer Solstice
Cyril and I went into Cobham this morning – supposedly for only ½ hour, but we didn’t get back until 10:45. Bought the children’s wedding present for Mick and Sue. Had to shelter from a very heavy storm. I washed when we got home – Cyril painted the swing. Washed and cleaned out the car this evening.

Tuesday 22nd June 1965
Young Wives
Busy day – cleaning floors, etc., etc. Made a nice fish pie for our lunch. It’s nice getting back to my own cooking. Cyril and I both suffering from sore throats. Had a couple of hours out at YW.

Wednesday 23rd June 1965
Working hard again today – have started cleaning windows! Mowed both lawns this evening. Children have settled down well enough at school. Denis Lemon rang this evening – he will be at Camberley at 6:30 Friday evening.

Thursday 24th June 1965
Odd Jobbing – cleaning – baking and all sorts today. Had time for a cuppa with Ivy (up here) this afternoon. Cyril has ordered bricks, cement etc. – he wants to get cracking on the porch extension as soon as possible.

Friday 25th June 1965
Denis – Camberley 6:30pm.
My word I’ve moved some stuff since we’ve been here! Today I’ve moved 5 yards sand and 420 bricks! It all came about 2pm and I’d more than three parts finished when Cyril got home. We had it all away by the time Cyril went for Den at quarter to six. They got back at quarter to nine.

Saturday 26th June 1965
Denis Lemon for weekend.
It’s nice seeing Den again and hearing all their news – he’s changed quite a lot and put on weight. We stayed up late – chin wagging, etc!
Turned out to be a nice day, so we went to Runnymede and saw Edna’s (Den’s wife) old house – then went on the river for an hour, much to Philip’s delight. Gillian wasn’t too happy about it! They had a late night.

Sunday 27th June 1965
We all had a lie in and a pretty lazy morning – children went to Sunday School and we had an early lunch. We took Den to Egham where he caught the 3pm train to Reading. Cyril has made a start on the bunker.

Week 25 : 14th – 20th June 1965

Monday 14th June 1965
A let down after yesterday – drizzle and too cold to bathe. We played cricket on the beach at Daymer and had our lunch there. Earlier we had been to Bodmin – Phil and Cyril had haircuts – then to the cattle market at Wadebridge and a look round Padstow before coming home.

Tuesday 15th June 1965
Bad night last night – first Phil coughed and was sick, then Gill started and coughed for over an hour. Cyril was so fed up he was all for coming home! Especially when we got up to pouring rain and high winds. We had to go out – so sat in the car at Truro for 1½hours! We then went to Lakes Pottery and spent an interesting hour there. Gillian had a severe nose bleed! Bought some pottery bits – then on to Perranporth. The sun came out so we did our gift shopping and had our first cuppa since breakfast. Definitely not a good holiday! Caravan next year!

Wednesday 16th June 1965
This has been the worst day. It’s rained without ceasing. We sat in the car park at Newquay then Cyril queued for us to see ‘Mary Poppins’ – got as far as the cash desk – house full! (Gill – I remember that! Phil – so do I!) Had a lunch in a café and came back to find The Laurels locked up so we sat in the car for another 40 minutes until Mrs A. came in.

Thursday 17th June 1965
We’ve had our last dip – at Treyarnon Bay this morning. I had a lovely swim in the natural pool and the children enjoyed rock pools. We came up from the beach and had our lunch. Rain set in at 2:30ish and apart from a short break when we played ball it has rained ever since!

I see no ships!

I see no ships!

Friday 18th June 1965
Homeward bound!
Philip coughed practically all of last night – so we left at 9:30 this morning – came back via Plymouth over the Tamar bridge where we stopped for half an hour to look at ships etc. Didn’t go into Plymough, we kept on and came through Dartmoor with several stops – children loved it. We had an excellent lunch at Mortonhampstead – then on through Exeter and Honiton (not too bad) – a very good run from there.
We had tea at Wincanton and a walk down the Hight Street – then headed for home. Arrived here at 8:15pm and (about) 254 miles. Cyril very tired – children travelled well and extremely good. Lots of roses etc out in the garden – it’s grand to be home again. We unpacked and washed up the picnic things before going to bed!

Saturday 19th June 1965
Took Phil to see Dr Little. Chest is clear but he’s prescribed Acromycin for his infection. I hope it will stop the cough. Cyril went shopping. I’ve washed and washed and ironed and ironed and by 7:30pm it was all done. Cyril has cleared up the back garden.
Played Canasta with Mary and Leonard.

Sunday 20th June 1965
We all had a bit of a lie-in. Philip seems better but not himself yet. It’s been very warm. Cyril has done the front garden – I’ve been working in the back. Children had the pool out to sail boats. Gill finished up in it! (Probably pushed in by Phil :))

Last dip in the sea!

Last dip in the sea!

Week 24 : 7th – 13th June 1965

Monday 7th June 1965
Trevone today, where we had a heavy lunchtime shower, but a beautiful afternoon which we spent in the sea. Cyril took the car to a garage, but the Proprietor couldn’t find the fault. We’ve given the car an easy day so perhaps it will be all right now!

Tuesday 8th June 1965
Another day and more rain! We have managed a Swim at Daymer Bay – but we had to leave soon after three as it was raining and miserable. Children both enjoying themselves though.

Wednesday 9th June 1965
Joan & Fred’s 20th Wedding Anniversary – which I forgot after all and sent their card a day late!
We had an hour in Newquay this morning then went on to Crantock beach where we cooked our lunch. Have had a very tiring afternoon at the Royal Cornwall Show. No rain today.

Thursday 10th June 1965
Our best day so far – we’ve had a lovely time at Daymer Bay – plenty of swimming and fun in the water. Afterwards, about 4:30, we went for a long walk and had a look at an old church and got home about ten past six. All caught the sun today. Let’s hope we have another one tomorrow!
(I think the church we visited would have been St Enodoc, which is now best known as the resting place of Sir John Betjeman).

Friday 11th June 1965
A let down today – we went to Daymer hoping for another swim – but it’s been too cold and windy. We’ve spent the day walking and rock climbing. Had quite a good time, but came home early as rain set in.

Saturday 12th June 1965
At least it’s kept dry today and we’ve been out all day – on the beach at Carlyon Bay, on to the harbour at Charlestown then to Mevagissey. Only 55 miles in all and we’ve had a very pleasant day. No bathing though! Oh – we shopped in Bodmin en route – and did very well for homemade pies etc at a W.I produce stall.

Sunday 13th June 1965
It’s really been a scorcher today and we’re all sunburnt. We’ve spent the whole day at Daymer – in the water and have had great fun – marred by a slight annoying accident this morning when a fellow in an Alfa Romeo hit us and gave us a dent in the bumper, Frightened Gill and Phil!

Gill and Phil enjoying a rock pool

Gill and Phil enjoying a rock pool