Week 26 : 21st – 27th June 1965

Monday 21st June 1965
Summer Solstice
Cyril and I went into Cobham this morning – supposedly for only ½ hour, but we didn’t get back until 10:45. Bought the children’s wedding present for Mick and Sue. Had to shelter from a very heavy storm. I washed when we got home – Cyril painted the swing. Washed and cleaned out the car this evening.

Tuesday 22nd June 1965
Young Wives
Busy day – cleaning floors, etc., etc. Made a nice fish pie for our lunch. It’s nice getting back to my own cooking. Cyril and I both suffering from sore throats. Had a couple of hours out at YW.

Wednesday 23rd June 1965
Working hard again today – have started cleaning windows! Mowed both lawns this evening. Children have settled down well enough at school. Denis Lemon rang this evening – he will be at Camberley at 6:30 Friday evening.

Thursday 24th June 1965
Odd Jobbing – cleaning – baking and all sorts today. Had time for a cuppa with Ivy (up here) this afternoon. Cyril has ordered bricks, cement etc. – he wants to get cracking on the porch extension as soon as possible.

Friday 25th June 1965
Denis – Camberley 6:30pm.
My word I’ve moved some stuff since we’ve been here! Today I’ve moved 5 yards sand and 420 bricks! It all came about 2pm and I’d more than three parts finished when Cyril got home. We had it all away by the time Cyril went for Den at quarter to six. They got back at quarter to nine.

Saturday 26th June 1965
Denis Lemon for weekend.
It’s nice seeing Den again and hearing all their news – he’s changed quite a lot and put on weight. We stayed up late – chin wagging, etc!
Turned out to be a nice day, so we went to Runnymede and saw Edna’s (Den’s wife) old house – then went on the river for an hour, much to Philip’s delight. Gillian wasn’t too happy about it! They had a late night.

Sunday 27th June 1965
We all had a lie in and a pretty lazy morning – children went to Sunday School and we had an early lunch. We took Den to Egham where he caught the 3pm train to Reading. Cyril has made a start on the bunker.


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