Week 28 : 5th – 11th July 1965

Monday 5th July 1965
Day off from school. Gillian out with Nicky. Busy day with washing, cooking, lawn mowing and ironing. Phil very tired and irritable. It’s a good thing Gillian was out all afternoon or there would have been some fights! Have written to Mur and Maggie.

Tuesday 6th July 1965
Young Wives
Not a very interesting Y.W. All chat about helping Basutoland – but what can a dozen wives of Oxshott do to save a starving country?
Cyril very busy cementing until after nine o’clock.

Wednesday 7th July 1965
Cyril at Cardiff
School Sports
I fear we haven’t any budding athletes in the family – Both Gill and Phil brought up the rear in their races! The sun shone all afternoon and I think I got a trifle sunburnt!!
Washed the car tonight and it poured afterwards.

Thursday 8th July 1965
I’ve had a very nice morning mooching around Bentalls’ sale. Fitted on several coats but didn’t find one I liked. Only bought a few odds and ends. Got home at 2pm – Gillian went dancing – Phil and I had a cuppa with Rosaleen – we all got home about 5:15 and Cyril was waiting for us!

Friday 9th July 1965
Did all the shopping in Leatherhead this morning so that Cyril can have a full day on the wall tomorrow! I was very tired at lunchtime – washing as soon as I got back from Leatherhead and mowed the lawn. Bought a badminton set! Leonard home from Norway and they all came in this evening. Hence late getting to bed. Gill and Phil both VERY sick in the night so we had a very bad night!!

Cyril really could turn his hand to anything! Just over his right shoulder you can see young Julian watching from his pram!

Man at work! Just over Cyril’s right shoulder you can see young Julian watching from his pram!

Saturday 10th July 1965
Both better this morning though Phil looking washed out. Gill has gone to Debbie’s party. Cyril is on the third layer of bricks. I had to do some washing this morning – sheets and so on.
Canasta party tonight – chicken and wine ‘do’.

Sunday 11th July 1965
We didn’t wake up until 8:50am!
Philip can’t be feeling quite fit yet as he didn’t want to come to the village cricket match with Gill and I. Cyril has been working on the wall all day and is four bricks high now. Raining on and off most of the day.

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