Week 29 : 12th – 18th July 1965

Monday 12th July 1965
Poured all day – reckon it did all night too by the amount of water lying around. Letter from Joan confirming Tim’s visit on Friday.

Tuesday 13th July 1965
Prizegiving 2:30pm
Managed to dry and iron the wash today – before going to Prizegiving. We didn’t win any prizes. I had a shampoo (at home – do it yourself) this morning – dressed myself up for Prizegiving!

Wednesday 14th July 1965
Cyril to Cardiff
To Town today (Any references to ‘Town’ meant London. And from Surrey, you travel ‘up’ to Town!)
I’ve had a very ‘spendy’ day – walked the length of Oxford Street and bought a very extravagant coat in the sales – also some underwear and several odds and ends. Went up with Mary and bumped into her on and off in Oxford Street. We had a snack lunch together before I came back in time to walk home with Phyl and the children. Very tired – but I’ve washed and polished the car this evening.

Thursday 15th July 1965
Did some washing today and had a general tidy up. Watched Gill’s last dancing lesson – I wish I had insisted she keep it up – even though she is hopeless! Baked – and mowed lawn this evening.

Friday 16th July 1965
Tim coming.
Did the weekend shopping this morning – and cleaned up the house after lunch. Poor Philip cried all the way home from school as he felt ill – went straight to bed – feverish. Tim arrived, tired but quite well and laden with food etc. at quarter to six.
Cyril working on the wall!

Saturday 17th July 1965
A lazy sort of day for all of us, except poor Cyril who is almost breaking his back working on the wall. Tim is quite well – the children and I went up to the village with him this morning in the old crock! I think we are going next door to play Canasta tonight.

Sunday 18th July 1965
We’ve had a nice day – Cyril hasn’t done any building – we’ve played lots of badminton. After lunch we went to London Airport to book Tim’s seat to Sweden. Cyril let him use our Anglia to take Diana out during the evening.
Joan rang – and Doris.


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