Week 30: 19th – 25th July 1965

Monday 19th July 1965
Nice day for the washing – it was all dried, ironed and put away before tea. Tim went out this afternoon on the Heath – and met us at the school to the children’s delight – lift home!

Tuesday 20th July 1965
Very heavy rainstorms this afternoon and some thunder. Tim and I went into Cobham this morning for new shuttlecocks and a quick trip to Esher this afternoon.
Young Wives tonight – last meeting.

Wednesday 21st July 1965
Very stormy again – much too wet for me to mow the lawn. I doubt if Cyril will be able to do any bricklaying tonight. Have only been as far as the village.
Letter from Mur.

Thursday 22nd July 1965
Philip had us up most of the night last night – he had a high temperature so I kept him in bed today.
Weather much improved. Tim has been able to lie out a bit in the sun. Cyril on the wall again this evening.
Rainfall at Cobham 1½″ in 24 hours.

Friday 23rd July 1965
School Term ends 3pm
Another very stormy day – Tim and I had half an hour in Leatherhead after lunch, but it didn’t give me enough time to do much of the weekend shopping.
Joan rang – they are enjoying their holiday.

Saturday 24th July 1965
Don’t know why but I’ve been feeling very tired all morning. Cyril went to Leatherhead – did the rest of the shopping and had a fault in the car put right. Since then he has been working on the wall. I’ve only been as far as Wilson’s this afternoon.

Sunday 25th July 1965
We’ve had a ride out today to Box Hill and Epsom Downs. Leonard came to lunch and we had a hilarious hour! He provided the wine – and liqueur. Didn’t get up from table until 2:30pm.

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