Week 31: 26th July – 1st August 1965

Monday 26th July 1965
Doubtful start to wash day but with the help of Mary’s line I was able to dry it all by lunch time. Took the children for a very long walk across the Heath – about 2 hours! Cyril got the miseries again tonight – I wish he had never started that bricklaying.

Tuesday 27th July 1965
Another day without rain!! We all had a quick trip to Esher this morning. Tim has watched cricket and racing all afternoon. I took the children on the Heath again.

Wednesday 28th July 1965
Didn’t venture far today – only to the village. Very cloudy weather and I’m feeling very tired!

Thursday 29th July 1965
Philip woke us up in the small hours – coughing.
A quick trip to Esher this morning to the bank – am solvent again now. A very busy day – washing, ironing, defrosting fridge and cooking.

Friday 30th July 1965
Tim leaves.
Tim left at 9:05 – have since heard he arrived home 12:30! We’ve put the rooms back to normal. Have been over to L.A. (London Airport – Heathrow) this evening and confirmed Tim’s seat on the plane next Sunday. Have been wrestling with my accounts since our return.

Saturday 31st July 1965
Summer today – it’s warm and sunny we’ve had a shopping morning – first one like this for some time. We’ve been to Leatherhead and then to Claygate to buy me some house shoes (HOUSE SHOES?) Bought Philip some lace-ups in a sale at Leatherhead. Cyril working on the wall this afternoon. It’s nearing completion now T.G.

Man at work! Still!

Man at work! Still!

Sunday 1st August 1965
A warm, sunny day – just like summer! We took our tea out on Ranmore Common – Mary and Leonard followed us there later and we all played cricket and had fun – got home about 7:30. Tim rang later – Joan had been trying to get us during the afternoon. Leonard brought in loads of transparencies to show us after the children were in bed – so we had another late night!!


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