Week 36: Monday 30th August – Sunday 5th September 1965

Monday 30th August 1965
Turned out to be a very nice day. Had it not been Bank Holiday, we would have had a day at Climping. Instead we set off about ten and went to Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. It was lovely, except that we walked too far and were tired out! Had cheese and biscuits in the sun and our dinner at five.  We were home about three and I’ve polished the car.

Tuesday 31st August 1965
Caught up with the washing this morning – ironed this evening. Cyril had a half day and we went shopping and to the bank – Phil had a hair cut and a pleasant time buying his Dinky (Dinky Toys) with some birthday money.

Wednesday 1st September 1965
First day Autumn term.
Phil wasn’t over keen on school today – he wished it was only a half day!! Anyway, they both seem to have settled down quite well and enjoy their new teachers and classrooms. Funny at home without ‘them’!

Thursday 2nd September 1965
Philip’s Birthday
Philip has enjoyed his birthday – he had 17 cards and some gifts. I didn’t have time to be lonely this morning as Cyril brought John D and Mr Lobell home to lunch. A good time was had by all. Letter from Dodo (ex-ATS friend).

Friday 3rd September 1965
Dental 11:15
It’s poured all day long. I was soaked this morning going to the dentist and village. Two more cards for Phil. I sat in this afternoon – Phyl picked Philip up at school and the Parkers brought Gill home.

Saturday 4th September 1965
Philip to Susan’s party.
Village sports.
We only had a little shopping in Leatherhead, but Phil spent a long time choosing his Dinky with Eileen’s birthday money. He went to Susan’s party this afternoon and I took Gill to the sports. She went in for all the races she could and came home with five consolation prizes – bags of sweets.
Leonard and Mary came in and we had a noisy evening playing Canasta and drinking brandy and lemonade (!!!).

Sunday 5th September 1965
Lovely morning – quite hot in the sun. I rang Anne and we went over to see them this afternoon. All well and Jane is a lovely little girl – very ‘knowing’ for her 22 months. Home about seven.


Week 35: 23rd – 29th August 1965

Monday 23rd August 1965
Load of washing today. Thank goodness it is all dried and ironed. Haven’t been out at all – no letters from anyone – nothing of import has happened. I had a bit of a BLACK MONDAY on me for a short while.

Tuesday 24th August 1965
Had two letters from Joan today – the second saying that Tim is returning earlier – on Friday, as his hosts have to go to Greece. So Eileen must go home that day too. Nothing much has happened today – except that it has rained most of the time.

Wednesday 25th August 1965
Cyril to Cardiff.
Cyril went off at ten past eight. I haven’t done a great deal today, a little handwashing and ironing. We all went up to the village this afternoon. The Avon rep. came down and sold Eileen some perfume etc. as presents to take home.

Thursday 26th August 1965
Tim and Fred in the small hours.
Went to the village and back before Eileen was up! We had a baking session afterwards, making a lemon meringue pie and a sultana cheesecake. Cyril arrived home at 1:35pm. We are probably going over to George Pritchard’s allotment tonight to pick some beans.

Friday 27th August 1965
Coo! – Fred arrived here at midnight – Eileen and I rang him to say come here first. Dirty night – the three of us went to London Airport to meet Tim – only to be told he had landed at Gatwick! So we had to wait until quarter to four for him to arrive!! In bed by 4:30am. Up at 7:45 so am very tired. Had them all to steak and kidney pie lunch – shampooed my hair so that Eileen could pin up. They left at 2:45pm.

Saturday 28th August 1965

Gill and Phil in Doris and Will's back garden.

Gill and Phil in Doris and Will’s back garden.

To Doris and Will
Had a very nice day out with Doris and Will – and they had fresh salmon for lunch – what a treat. During the afternoon I had an hour round the shops in Welling – how that place has grown. We were home about quarter to nine. Leonard came round later and suggested a game, so we played Canasta until about quarter to one.

Peggy, Cyril, Gill and Phil in Doris and Will's back garden.

Peggy, Cyril, Gill and Phil in Doris and Will’s back garden. Phil is not impressed!

Sunday 29th August 1965
Very tired this morning and I could have stayed in bed without much persuasion! However, we upped and breakfasted – lunch was rather late and since then I’ve cleaned the car, done some gardening, had a bath and a go at the month end accounts.

Week 34: 16th – 22nd August 1965

Monday 16th August 1965
Good washing day. Eileen (who must have come back with us from Sedgeberrow) took the children on the heath this afternoon while I finished the ironing. Had a game of badminton after tea with Eileen – then did a little gardening.

Tuesday 17th August 1965
Cyril had a day off today and we’ve all been to Climping (between Bognor Regis and Littlehampton). Had a lovely day – the sea was beautiful! Gillian has been in most of the day. We were home about 8pm – with a very tired Philip.

Wednesday 18th August 1965
Not so hot today – I was all set to put the pool on the lawn for the children to play in, but the sun went in and it looked quite showery. We’ve all been to the village this afternoon.

Thursday 19th August 1965
Had lunch quite early and I went back with Cyril and he dropped me at Esher. I went to the Bank and shopped. Had a lift home – then went to meet the children on the Heath – Eileen had taken them out.

Friday 20th August 1965
Have had a hard day – we all went up to town with Cyril this morning. We spent the morning at the Science Museum and the afternoon in the shops. Home about five.

Saturday 21st August 1965
Too wet for our planned day out with the Turners, so Cyril and I went to Esher for the grocery shopping. This afternoon Eileen and I have had a gruelling (for me) 3¼ hours in Kingston.
Rang Joan this evening – Mur and Dave arrived while we were chatting. Cyril and I played Canasta next door, while the young ones goggled (watched TV – the “goggle-box”) in our place.

Sunday 22nd August 1965
Showery and thunder stormy this morning. Mur rang to say hello before they left Joan’s for Ripon. Have had a kitchen morning – baking, cooking etc. Going to write to Dad now.

Week 33 : 9th – 15th August 1965

Monday 9th August 1965
Go back with J & F
Did the washing and ironing before lunch – there wasn’t very much – cleaned all through and left everything tidy for Cyril.
All off by 4:50 – at Sedgeberrow 7:55pm so pretty good going seeing that the car was loaded. Joan has made us very comfortable. (However many were in that car?)

Tuesday 10th August 1965
We’ve all been to Evesham this afternoon. Had a look around the shops and then sat in the park with the children. Poured with rain soon after we got home. Joan and I are thinking of going to Malvern tonight.
Yes, we went – saw Mick and Sue – while we were there, Jim and Grace arrived! We then saw Rob and Mag for a few minutes.

Wednesday 11th August 1965
Lovely sunny day today. We took the children to a village fayre at Elmley Castle – then on to the Bredons (Bredon Hill: www.visitbredonhill.co.uk )where we had a picnic.

Bredon Hill  (with the Malvern Hills in the background).<br /> Thanks to Adam Stanford (www. aerial-cam.co.uk) for permission to use his photograph.

Bredon Hill (with the Malvern Hills in the background).
Thanks to Adam Stanford (www. aerial-cam.co.uk) for permission to use his photograph.

Thursday 12th August 1965
We have had a very busy day. Left here 9am-ish. Stopped at Worcester and took the children on a tour round the porcelain works. Then we went on to 37 (Quest Hills Road, Malvern – Peggy’s family home) and how we have worked!! Clearing out and cleaning up. Ted was very pleased with our efforts.

Friday 13th August 1965
Fred and I went into Evesham this morning. After lunch I took the children to see Mary Poppins – they thoroughly enjoyed it but I think had it lasted any longer they would have been bored. Came home by bus and this evening Joan, Fred and I have been into the Police Club playing Bingo.

Saturday 14th August 1965
Only walked to the village this morning. Phil went fishing with Andrew, Gill and I joined them later and Gillian caught two minnows!! (I distinctly remember also managing to tangle up the fishing line in the tree behind me – much to Andrew’s despair…G.) Joan and I had a mooch round Evesham this afternoon.
What a night – Cyril arrived at 5:20pm. The Grays came about nine – we put the slides on for them – then played cards until 3AM and I won 25/- (£1.25p)!!

Sunday 15th August 1965
Ten to lunch at Joan’s – Mick and Sue came over. Left at 3:30. We had tea on the way home. Arrived 7:45. All very tired.

Week 32 : 2nd – 8th August 1965

Monday 2nd August 1965
MONDAY and a FILTHY day. It’s rained without stopping – and I’ve worked without stopping – brass, floors – the lot.

Tuesday 3rd August 1965
Philip and I have been to Esher for a bit of “double stamp” shopping (The stamps in question were Green Shield stamps – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Shield_Stamps). Gillian stayed with Phyl – Julian is the attraction there! They must have gone for a walk as we’ve been home half an hour now and there’s no sign of them. Very much better day today. Joan rang.

Wednesday 4th August 1965
Can Summer be here at last? Another fine quite warm day. We’ve been sitting out on the seat by the Village Centre for an hour this afternoon. I took charge of Julian while Phyl had her hair done. Doing mine tonight.

Thursday 5th August 1965
Did a line full of washing this morning in readiness for the weekend and so that I’ll leave most things clean when we go to Evesham. Quite a nice day – hot at times but still windy. Been to the village this afternoon.

Friday 6th August 1965
Dentist 11:15
Cyril day off?
We’ve had a very busy day. All went out early to Esher and Kingston. We went there intending to buy steak and kidney and a leg of pork. Came home with an 11lb (drawn weight) turkey. A good buy at 2/6d (12½p)  per lb!! Have done masses of baking and preparing.

Saturday 7th August 1965
Joan, Fred & family for weekend
We had a lovely turkey lunch all ready when Joan and Fred & Co arrived at 12:30. We had a very good meal. During the afternoon Joan and I went to Esher.
Went to bed at 11pm – no sleep and up at 2:30am to take Tim to L. Airport. We were home again and in bed by (Peggy’s written 00:50am, but she must have meant 05:00) and up again at 7:30am.

Sunday 8th August 1965
Lovely day and we’ve had an easy one. Cold turkey lunch with lots of hot veg. Fred left about nine for Dunton Green. Two cars of us have been out for a picnic on Ranmore Common (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranmore_Common). David T (next door neighbour) drove one car.