Week 32 : 2nd – 8th August 1965

Monday 2nd August 1965
MONDAY and a FILTHY day. It’s rained without stopping – and I’ve worked without stopping – brass, floors – the lot.

Tuesday 3rd August 1965
Philip and I have been to Esher for a bit of “double stamp” shopping (The stamps in question were Green Shield stamps – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Shield_Stamps). Gillian stayed with Phyl – Julian is the attraction there! They must have gone for a walk as we’ve been home half an hour now and there’s no sign of them. Very much better day today. Joan rang.

Wednesday 4th August 1965
Can Summer be here at last? Another fine quite warm day. We’ve been sitting out on the seat by the Village Centre for an hour this afternoon. I took charge of Julian while Phyl had her hair done. Doing mine tonight.

Thursday 5th August 1965
Did a line full of washing this morning in readiness for the weekend and so that I’ll leave most things clean when we go to Evesham. Quite a nice day – hot at times but still windy. Been to the village this afternoon.

Friday 6th August 1965
Dentist 11:15
Cyril day off?
We’ve had a very busy day. All went out early to Esher and Kingston. We went there intending to buy steak and kidney and a leg of pork. Came home with an 11lb (drawn weight) turkey. A good buy at 2/6d (12½p)  per lb!! Have done masses of baking and preparing.

Saturday 7th August 1965
Joan, Fred & family for weekend
We had a lovely turkey lunch all ready when Joan and Fred & Co arrived at 12:30. We had a very good meal. During the afternoon Joan and I went to Esher.
Went to bed at 11pm – no sleep and up at 2:30am to take Tim to L. Airport. We were home again and in bed by (Peggy’s written 00:50am, but she must have meant 05:00) and up again at 7:30am.

Sunday 8th August 1965
Lovely day and we’ve had an easy one. Cold turkey lunch with lots of hot veg. Fred left about nine for Dunton Green. Two cars of us have been out for a picnic on Ranmore Common (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranmore_Common). David T (next door neighbour) drove one car.


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