Week 33 : 9th – 15th August 1965

Monday 9th August 1965
Go back with J & F
Did the washing and ironing before lunch – there wasn’t very much – cleaned all through and left everything tidy for Cyril.
All off by 4:50 – at Sedgeberrow 7:55pm so pretty good going seeing that the car was loaded. Joan has made us very comfortable. (However many were in that car?)

Tuesday 10th August 1965
We’ve all been to Evesham this afternoon. Had a look around the shops and then sat in the park with the children. Poured with rain soon after we got home. Joan and I are thinking of going to Malvern tonight.
Yes, we went – saw Mick and Sue – while we were there, Jim and Grace arrived! We then saw Rob and Mag for a few minutes.

Wednesday 11th August 1965
Lovely sunny day today. We took the children to a village fayre at Elmley Castle – then on to the Bredons (Bredon Hill: www.visitbredonhill.co.uk )where we had a picnic.

Bredon Hill  (with the Malvern Hills in the background).<br /> Thanks to Adam Stanford (www. aerial-cam.co.uk) for permission to use his photograph.

Bredon Hill (with the Malvern Hills in the background).
Thanks to Adam Stanford (www. aerial-cam.co.uk) for permission to use his photograph.

Thursday 12th August 1965
We have had a very busy day. Left here 9am-ish. Stopped at Worcester and took the children on a tour round the porcelain works. Then we went on to 37 (Quest Hills Road, Malvern – Peggy’s family home) and how we have worked!! Clearing out and cleaning up. Ted was very pleased with our efforts.

Friday 13th August 1965
Fred and I went into Evesham this morning. After lunch I took the children to see Mary Poppins – they thoroughly enjoyed it but I think had it lasted any longer they would have been bored. Came home by bus and this evening Joan, Fred and I have been into the Police Club playing Bingo.

Saturday 14th August 1965
Only walked to the village this morning. Phil went fishing with Andrew, Gill and I joined them later and Gillian caught two minnows!! (I distinctly remember also managing to tangle up the fishing line in the tree behind me – much to Andrew’s despair…G.) Joan and I had a mooch round Evesham this afternoon.
What a night – Cyril arrived at 5:20pm. The Grays came about nine – we put the slides on for them – then played cards until 3AM and I won 25/- (£1.25p)!!

Sunday 15th August 1965
Ten to lunch at Joan’s – Mick and Sue came over. Left at 3:30. We had tea on the way home. Arrived 7:45. All very tired.

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