Week 34: 16th – 22nd August 1965

Monday 16th August 1965
Good washing day. Eileen (who must have come back with us from Sedgeberrow) took the children on the heath this afternoon while I finished the ironing. Had a game of badminton after tea with Eileen – then did a little gardening.

Tuesday 17th August 1965
Cyril had a day off today and we’ve all been to Climping (between Bognor Regis and Littlehampton). Had a lovely day – the sea was beautiful! Gillian has been in most of the day. We were home about 8pm – with a very tired Philip.

Wednesday 18th August 1965
Not so hot today – I was all set to put the pool on the lawn for the children to play in, but the sun went in and it looked quite showery. We’ve all been to the village this afternoon.

Thursday 19th August 1965
Had lunch quite early and I went back with Cyril and he dropped me at Esher. I went to the Bank and shopped. Had a lift home – then went to meet the children on the Heath – Eileen had taken them out.

Friday 20th August 1965
Have had a hard day – we all went up to town with Cyril this morning. We spent the morning at the Science Museum and the afternoon in the shops. Home about five.

Saturday 21st August 1965
Too wet for our planned day out with the Turners, so Cyril and I went to Esher for the grocery shopping. This afternoon Eileen and I have had a gruelling (for me) 3¼ hours in Kingston.
Rang Joan this evening – Mur and Dave arrived while we were chatting. Cyril and I played Canasta next door, while the young ones goggled (watched TV – the “goggle-box”) in our place.

Sunday 22nd August 1965
Showery and thunder stormy this morning. Mur rang to say hello before they left Joan’s for Ripon. Have had a kitchen morning – baking, cooking etc. Going to write to Dad now.


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