Week 36: Monday 30th August – Sunday 5th September 1965

Monday 30th August 1965
Turned out to be a very nice day. Had it not been Bank Holiday, we would have had a day at Climping. Instead we set off about ten and went to Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. It was lovely, except that we walked too far and were tired out! Had cheese and biscuits in the sun and our dinner at five.  We were home about three and I’ve polished the car.

Tuesday 31st August 1965
Caught up with the washing this morning – ironed this evening. Cyril had a half day and we went shopping and to the bank – Phil had a hair cut and a pleasant time buying his Dinky (Dinky Toys) with some birthday money.

Wednesday 1st September 1965
First day Autumn term.
Phil wasn’t over keen on school today – he wished it was only a half day!! Anyway, they both seem to have settled down quite well and enjoy their new teachers and classrooms. Funny at home without ‘them’!

Thursday 2nd September 1965
Philip’s Birthday
Philip has enjoyed his birthday – he had 17 cards and some gifts. I didn’t have time to be lonely this morning as Cyril brought John D and Mr Lobell home to lunch. A good time was had by all. Letter from Dodo (ex-ATS friend).

Friday 3rd September 1965
Dental 11:15
It’s poured all day long. I was soaked this morning going to the dentist and village. Two more cards for Phil. I sat in this afternoon – Phyl picked Philip up at school and the Parkers brought Gill home.

Saturday 4th September 1965
Philip to Susan’s party.
Village sports.
We only had a little shopping in Leatherhead, but Phil spent a long time choosing his Dinky with Eileen’s birthday money. He went to Susan’s party this afternoon and I took Gill to the sports. She went in for all the races she could and came home with five consolation prizes – bags of sweets.
Leonard and Mary came in and we had a noisy evening playing Canasta and drinking brandy and lemonade (!!!).

Sunday 5th September 1965
Lovely morning – quite hot in the sun. I rang Anne and we went over to see them this afternoon. All well and Jane is a lovely little girl – very ‘knowing’ for her 22 months. Home about seven.


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