Week 40 : 27th September – 3rd October 1965

Monday 27th September 1965
Cyril in town.
Keep Fit.
Gill and Phil to Colin’s party.
Phyl and I went to Penny Nairne’s clothing ‘Boutique’ this afternoon – quite promising! I bought Philip a pair of trousers. Keep fit was rather poorly attended but Mrs T put us through our paces.

Tuesday 28th September 1965
Cyril in town.
Young Wives
Have had an all sorts day – some painting out the back and have also made Crab Apple Jelly. Went on my own to YW – quite a pleasant evening.

Wednesday 29th September 1965
Cyril in town.
Had a coffee with Alma and Glynis this morning so was a bit behind with the chores. Surprised myself by ringing up the local estate agent about a job he is advertising – part-time book keeper. Have an interview tomorrow!

Thursday 30th September 1965
Cyril – Cardiff.
See Mr Murray 9:30.
Tea with Eileen Lister after school.
Quite a day. I started work this morning – don’t know if I’m going to be able to cope with it all. Very strange being in an office again.
We’ve all had a very nice time with Eileen this afternoon.

Friday 1st October 1965
Have had my second day at work – not too bad – am still wondering if I shall be able to hold it down. Missed the 12 noon bus to Esher so had a lift when Cyril got home and caught the 2:20 bus home. Cyril got in early for a change and has put the last three panes of glass in!

Saturday 2nd October 1965
What a day we’ve had! We left here at 8:35 – Kingston 8:55 and we were there until 2:45 – all worn out! We had an hour for lunch in Bentalls. Spent LOTS of money – two dresses for me – my salary taken care of! – one for Gill and her Brownie hat and tie. Shirts and cap for Phil. Towels, cake tins and all sorts. Cyril was noticeably flagging by the time we left. Even I was tired out. Am thinking of mowing the lawn now.

Sunday 3rd October 1965
Gillian went on her first Church Parade and looked so sweet. Philip and I went to Church – lovely morning. Cyril has finished putting the glass in the frame. Big job done. G & P went to tea at Phyl’s.

Week 39 : 20th – 26th September 1965

Monday 20th September 1965
Y.W. Committee – Knipp Hill.
Beautiful day – can Summer be here at last? I had most of the ironing done by the time I went to meet the children.
Was at Y.W Committee meeting until 10:30pm.

Tuesday 21st September 1965
Another beautiful day and I’ve had a blitz on the floors. Ordered a new outside light for the front – and the front one will be used out the back.

Wednesday 22nd September 1965
Cyril to Cardiff.
It’s Friday now and I can’t for the life of me think what I did this day!! Oh – I had a cuppa with Ivy and Gill went to Brownies. In the evening we had a card school! Phyl, Eileen, Mary, Eve and me. I lost!

Thursday 23rd September 1965
P.T.A. AGM 7:45pm
Cyril was home at 1:10pm. I’ve had an easy sort of day – haven’t done much work. Eileen Lister rang to ask us to tea, but I had already asked Ivy up. Went – on my own – to P.T.A. meeting.

Friday 24th September 1965
Dental 10:45am
Gillian to tea with Jean.
A very busy day. I’ve been to dentist, village (twice) and Esher. I have also cleaned all the windows, washed and ironed and done a big bake this evening! Busy me.

Saturday 25th September 1965
Molly and Ted for day.
Cyril only had to go out to buy nails and putty this morning, so he was able to do a bit of hammering before Molly and Ted arrived – they got here about noon.
We’ve had a very nice day – we always enjoy seeing Moll and Ted. After the children were in bed we played Solo until quarter to ten. It poured most of the day, Molly and T had a very wet ride home.

Sunday 26th September 1965
Another very showery day – it has held up production on the ‘bunker front’. I’ve done some painting and Cyril has put in a couple of panes of glass.

Week 38 : 13th – 19th September 1965

Monday 13th September 1965
A surprise telephone call from Jean Purnell this afternoon asking us up for drinks this evening. Phyl sat in while we went – from quarter to nine – home later than I intended at 11:35pm.
Phil’s cold no worse.

Tuesday 14th September 1965
Have Julian p.m.
A fine afternoon – took Julian to meet the children and afterwards he sat in the pram while I mowed the lawn. Quite an interesting Y.W. meeting tonight.

Wednesday 15th September 1965
Cyril to Cardiff
Sweep 2p.m. 
Ivy for cuppa p.m.
Didn’t have a great deal of clearing up to do after the sweep. Washed and ironed the curtains. Gillian has enjoyed her first Brownies meeting. Played cards with Phyl and Mary till midnight.

Gill joins the Brownies!

Gill joins the Brownies!

Thursday 16th September 1965
Susan to tea.
Cyril got home at ten past one and has had the rest of the day off – preparing the framework. Phil had Susan to tea – she’s no trouble – a quiet little thing.

Friday 17th September 1965
Gillian dental 12:30
Went to Esher and shopped – collected Gill for her dental appointment – no treatment necessary. She was very glad to miss school dinner (especially as it was stew!) and come home with us!

Saturday 18th September 1965
Doris and Will today
Have had a pleasant day with Doris and Will here. Cyril has worked all day with Bill and we now have the framework in position and the roof on. Doris and Will left at quarter to seven and I’m expecting Cyril home soon (9pm now). I think Mary and Leonard are coming in for Canasta.

Sunday 19th September 1965
Lovely summery day. I went to church – children brought their gifts into church at the end of the service and it brought a lump to my throat seeing them walking down the aisle with their roses and gifts.
Trip to L.A. this afternoon to take Leonard for his flight to Liverpool. Gill stayed with Phyl.

Week 37 : 6th-12th September 1965

Monday 6th September 1965
Not a very good day. Washing has dried only just enough for ironing. Have lit a fire to air some of it on the radiator. Looking forward to a couple of hours in town tomorrow as Cyril has to go to London Bridge.
(No central heating, but being, for 1965, a very modern house, the open fire in the lounge had a back boiler which ran two radiators – one in the dining room and the other in the bathroom.)

Tuesday 7th September 1965
Dad’s birthday.
Town with Cyril.
Have enjoyed myself today – Cyril dropped me off at Gamages and I had a look round, walked from there to Oxford Street – had a light lunch en route. Did a few shops – buying Phil’s birthday bits on the way. A tired me caught the 1:52 home.
Bill started the woodwork tonight. (This would have been the wooden window frame that topped the brick wall Cyril had built).

Wednesday 8th September 1965
Nicky to tea.
I had a nice morning – coffee with Ellen Chilton and then to Leatherhead with her – in pouring rain. Home at 12:25.
Nicky came to tea – children got a bit wild about six. Gale force winds.

Thursday 9th September 1965
Letters from Joan and Eileen.
Gale force winds dropped and it’s been a pleasant enough day. I didn’t go to school this morning and had a long, easy morning. Ivy came up for a coffee and I had a cuppa with Phyl after lunch. Baked Philip’s cake this evening.

Friday 10th September 1965
Dental 10am
Post Eileen’s (Sister-in-Law Eileen) cards today.
Did my village shopping after dentist. This afternoon I’ve been knocking up a few cakes for Philip’s party. Gillian helped me after tea and I made her feel quite important when I let her use the icing syringe!

Saturday11th September 1965
Philip’s party.
Nasty wet morning – we shopped at Esher and Claygate. I was able to give myself a shampoo before the guests arrived. Phil’s party went off quite well, but he had had enough by six and went to bed with a headache. Cyril and Bill worked on the frame so we had a late Canasta session – big eat night – fishy do!

Sunday 12th September 1965
Eileen’s birthday.
Dry and fine today – we’ve been doing a lot of odd jobs in the garden. Have also washed the car. Gillian has gone on the Heath with Denis and the girls. Phil developed a heavy cold.