Week 37 : 6th-12th September 1965

Monday 6th September 1965
Not a very good day. Washing has dried only just enough for ironing. Have lit a fire to air some of it on the radiator. Looking forward to a couple of hours in town tomorrow as Cyril has to go to London Bridge.
(No central heating, but being, for 1965, a very modern house, the open fire in the lounge had a back boiler which ran two radiators – one in the dining room and the other in the bathroom.)

Tuesday 7th September 1965
Dad’s birthday.
Town with Cyril.
Have enjoyed myself today – Cyril dropped me off at Gamages and I had a look round, walked from there to Oxford Street – had a light lunch en route. Did a few shops – buying Phil’s birthday bits on the way. A tired me caught the 1:52 home.
Bill started the woodwork tonight. (This would have been the wooden window frame that topped the brick wall Cyril had built).

Wednesday 8th September 1965
Nicky to tea.
I had a nice morning – coffee with Ellen Chilton and then to Leatherhead with her – in pouring rain. Home at 12:25.
Nicky came to tea – children got a bit wild about six. Gale force winds.

Thursday 9th September 1965
Letters from Joan and Eileen.
Gale force winds dropped and it’s been a pleasant enough day. I didn’t go to school this morning and had a long, easy morning. Ivy came up for a coffee and I had a cuppa with Phyl after lunch. Baked Philip’s cake this evening.

Friday 10th September 1965
Dental 10am
Post Eileen’s (Sister-in-Law Eileen) cards today.
Did my village shopping after dentist. This afternoon I’ve been knocking up a few cakes for Philip’s party. Gillian helped me after tea and I made her feel quite important when I let her use the icing syringe!

Saturday11th September 1965
Philip’s party.
Nasty wet morning – we shopped at Esher and Claygate. I was able to give myself a shampoo before the guests arrived. Phil’s party went off quite well, but he had had enough by six and went to bed with a headache. Cyril and Bill worked on the frame so we had a late Canasta session – big eat night – fishy do!

Sunday 12th September 1965
Eileen’s birthday.
Dry and fine today – we’ve been doing a lot of odd jobs in the garden. Have also washed the car. Gillian has gone on the Heath with Denis and the girls. Phil developed a heavy cold.


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