Week 38 : 13th – 19th September 1965

Monday 13th September 1965
A surprise telephone call from Jean Purnell this afternoon asking us up for drinks this evening. Phyl sat in while we went – from quarter to nine – home later than I intended at 11:35pm.
Phil’s cold no worse.

Tuesday 14th September 1965
Have Julian p.m.
A fine afternoon – took Julian to meet the children and afterwards he sat in the pram while I mowed the lawn. Quite an interesting Y.W. meeting tonight.

Wednesday 15th September 1965
Cyril to Cardiff
Sweep 2p.m. 
Ivy for cuppa p.m.
Didn’t have a great deal of clearing up to do after the sweep. Washed and ironed the curtains. Gillian has enjoyed her first Brownies meeting. Played cards with Phyl and Mary till midnight.

Gill joins the Brownies!

Gill joins the Brownies!

Thursday 16th September 1965
Susan to tea.
Cyril got home at ten past one and has had the rest of the day off – preparing the framework. Phil had Susan to tea – she’s no trouble – a quiet little thing.

Friday 17th September 1965
Gillian dental 12:30
Went to Esher and shopped – collected Gill for her dental appointment – no treatment necessary. She was very glad to miss school dinner (especially as it was stew!) and come home with us!

Saturday 18th September 1965
Doris and Will today
Have had a pleasant day with Doris and Will here. Cyril has worked all day with Bill and we now have the framework in position and the roof on. Doris and Will left at quarter to seven and I’m expecting Cyril home soon (9pm now). I think Mary and Leonard are coming in for Canasta.

Sunday 19th September 1965
Lovely summery day. I went to church – children brought their gifts into church at the end of the service and it brought a lump to my throat seeing them walking down the aisle with their roses and gifts.
Trip to L.A. this afternoon to take Leonard for his flight to Liverpool. Gill stayed with Phyl.


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