Week 39 : 20th – 26th September 1965

Monday 20th September 1965
Y.W. Committee – Knipp Hill.
Beautiful day – can Summer be here at last? I had most of the ironing done by the time I went to meet the children.
Was at Y.W Committee meeting until 10:30pm.

Tuesday 21st September 1965
Another beautiful day and I’ve had a blitz on the floors. Ordered a new outside light for the front – and the front one will be used out the back.

Wednesday 22nd September 1965
Cyril to Cardiff.
It’s Friday now and I can’t for the life of me think what I did this day!! Oh – I had a cuppa with Ivy and Gill went to Brownies. In the evening we had a card school! Phyl, Eileen, Mary, Eve and me. I lost!

Thursday 23rd September 1965
P.T.A. AGM 7:45pm
Cyril was home at 1:10pm. I’ve had an easy sort of day – haven’t done much work. Eileen Lister rang to ask us to tea, but I had already asked Ivy up. Went – on my own – to P.T.A. meeting.

Friday 24th September 1965
Dental 10:45am
Gillian to tea with Jean.
A very busy day. I’ve been to dentist, village (twice) and Esher. I have also cleaned all the windows, washed and ironed and done a big bake this evening! Busy me.

Saturday 25th September 1965
Molly and Ted for day.
Cyril only had to go out to buy nails and putty this morning, so he was able to do a bit of hammering before Molly and Ted arrived – they got here about noon.
We’ve had a very nice day – we always enjoy seeing Moll and Ted. After the children were in bed we played Solo until quarter to ten. It poured most of the day, Molly and T had a very wet ride home.

Sunday 26th September 1965
Another very showery day – it has held up production on the ‘bunker front’. I’ve done some painting and Cyril has put in a couple of panes of glass.

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