Week 40 : 27th September – 3rd October 1965

Monday 27th September 1965
Cyril in town.
Keep Fit.
Gill and Phil to Colin’s party.
Phyl and I went to Penny Nairne’s clothing ‘Boutique’ this afternoon – quite promising! I bought Philip a pair of trousers. Keep fit was rather poorly attended but Mrs T put us through our paces.

Tuesday 28th September 1965
Cyril in town.
Young Wives
Have had an all sorts day – some painting out the back and have also made Crab Apple Jelly. Went on my own to YW – quite a pleasant evening.

Wednesday 29th September 1965
Cyril in town.
Had a coffee with Alma and Glynis this morning so was a bit behind with the chores. Surprised myself by ringing up the local estate agent about a job he is advertising – part-time book keeper. Have an interview tomorrow!

Thursday 30th September 1965
Cyril – Cardiff.
See Mr Murray 9:30.
Tea with Eileen Lister after school.
Quite a day. I started work this morning – don’t know if I’m going to be able to cope with it all. Very strange being in an office again.
We’ve all had a very nice time with Eileen this afternoon.

Friday 1st October 1965
Have had my second day at work – not too bad – am still wondering if I shall be able to hold it down. Missed the 12 noon bus to Esher so had a lift when Cyril got home and caught the 2:20 bus home. Cyril got in early for a change and has put the last three panes of glass in!

Saturday 2nd October 1965
What a day we’ve had! We left here at 8:35 – Kingston 8:55 and we were there until 2:45 – all worn out! We had an hour for lunch in Bentalls. Spent LOTS of money – two dresses for me – my salary taken care of! – one for Gill and her Brownie hat and tie. Shirts and cap for Phil. Towels, cake tins and all sorts. Cyril was noticeably flagging by the time we left. Even I was tired out. Am thinking of mowing the lawn now.

Sunday 3rd October 1965
Gillian went on her first Church Parade and looked so sweet. Philip and I went to Church – lovely morning. Cyril has finished putting the glass in the frame. Big job done. G & P went to tea at Phyl’s.


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