Week 41 : 4th – 10th October 1965

Monday 4th October 1965
Julian’s 1st birthday.
Cyril to Leeds.
Went to work this morning – have been suffering from mental fatigue ever since!! To Penny Nairne’s ’boutique’ this afternoon and I hope to go to Keep Fit this evening – that’s if Phyl can sit in. Gill had tea with Nicky.

Tuesday 5th October 1965
Worked hard at the office and am gradually beginning to get the feel of things. I hope. Caught the 12pm bus to Esher and did my double stamp shopping. Philip had a bad night coughing, but is all right in himself.

Wednesday 6th October 1965
Robert’s birthday.
PTA 7:45pm
It’s been a day of walking! Came home at 12pm – up again for hair cut at 2:15pm – home 2:45pm – back again to meet children at 3:15pm! Very tired tonight – have mowed the lawn and given it a kill or cure treatment for daisies.

Thursday 7th October 1965
Was late leaving the office today – in fact Cyril picked me up in Steels Lane at 12:20pm. We had a snack lunch. Very humid atmosphere – everywhere seems a bit damp. Went for a walk with the children after school.

Friday 8th October 1965
Cyril in Town.
Did my three hours stint this morning and have had a leisurely afternoon. Decided against rushing off to do the weekend shopping and had the Avon Rep here this afternoon and have ordered one or two things for Christmas.

Saturday 9th October 1965
Cyril’s Reunion.
Cyril decided against going to his reunion – for one thing he wasn’t over sure about the car – he fitted a new hose this morning. We did our shopping in Esher and afterwards went to Cobham for some wood. I’ve done a bit of washing and ironing since and have also shampooed and set my hair. Gill has been out with Phyl, Stan and Julian and is having tea with them.

Sunday 10th October 1965
A fine day – children have been to Sunday School and this afternoon, Gillian and I have been out picking sloes (for sloe gin!!!). Have had a writing session this evening – Jacq*, Barrie and Greenie.

(* Just a note about Jacq and his wife Lie, de Rooj. They lived in Nijmegen in Holland and befriended Peggy when they, along with Jacq’s parents, were, I believe, ‘assigned’ to look after the grave of Peggy’s brother, Pat,  who was a Paratrooper killed during Operation Market Garden in 1944.  Peggy and Cyril had several visits to Nijmegen during the 1950’s and into the 1970’s. Jacq and Lie had two children, roughly the same age as Gill and Phil, Ellen and Jacky de Rooj. Sadly, contact was lost with them in the late 1970’s after Lie died)


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