Week 43 : 18th – 24th October 1965

Monday 18th October 1965
Mr Lobell and John D. to lunch.
I left the office at 10:30 – lunch was all ready when the men came home. We had a very enjoyable time as usual. I went to Penny Nairne’s this afternoon – bought a lovely pink nylon dress for Gill for 20/- (£1) and an underslip for 10/- (50p).
Keep Fit.

Tuesday 19th October 1965
Guides and Brownies Coffee Morning.
The wedding pictures arrived from Mick this morning. Very nice too – and I now owe them a £1! Quite enjoyed the Coffee Morning. Ellen C gave me a lift down and I was home before twelve. Had a clean up this afternoon.

Wednesday 20th October 1965
Was home before 11:30 – after doing my shopping in the village. The Findlays gave me a lift home. Have made Gill’s marble birthday cake this afternoon. She has been to Brownies and is being enrolled next week.

Thursday 21st October 1965
Went on the 11:00am bus to Esher and was able to buy bits and pieces for Gill’s party and some of the weekend shopping. Rang Cyril and he picked me up – we also nipped into Claygate and bought Cyril some slippers. Ivy came in for a cuppa.


Gill in that pink nylon birthday dress!

Friday 22nd October 1965
Gillian – eight
Gillian loved the dress I bought for her birthday.
Not much for me at work today so I went on into Leatherhead and did most of the weekend shopping – actually I think I’ve about finished it. Was home about twenty past twelve. Have had a busy evening preparing for tomorrow. Gillian has had an exciting eighth birthday.

Saturday 23rd October 1965
Gillian’s party.
Coo – what a day.  And what a din ten or eleven girls can kick up in the party mood!! We had a trip to Esher this morning and chose the dining room wallpaper.
Party seemed to be a great success! We were worn out but managed to pull ourselves together enough to play Canasta with Mary and Leonard.
Extra hour’s sleep tonight as the clocks go back.

Sunday 24th October 1965
Clocks go back.
It’s been a nice long morning and we’ve done lots of jobs! I’ve done some washing and ironing. Rang Joan to see if Pa had recovered from his cold. Had a word with him – he sounded very thick.


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