Week 44 : 25th – 31st October 1965

Monday 25th October 1965
Busy morning at the office with the boss being back in the chair. I even had to bring some home with me!! Finished the ironing before tea so was able to do my work before Keep Fit.

Tuesday 26th October 1965
Have had a headache most of today – must be all the bookwork I’m having to cope with. Took Julian up to the village and to meet the children from school. Don’t feel much like Young Wives tonight.

Gill joins the Brownies!

Gill joins the Brownies!

Wednesday 27th October 1965
Gillian’s enrolment day.
My longest ever morning at work – was there until 1:30, writing out cheques. Glad it wasn’t my own money going out! Gillian’s enrolment went off very well and she is so pleased with herself now!

Thursday 28th October 1965
Phil to Caroline O’s party
Nasty wet morning. Children walked to school without any fuss – Phil was very keen on the party after school – it’s to be a big one from all accounts. I’m looking forward to my pay day tomorrow! Cyril home about 5:40 with a heavy cold.

Friday 29th October 1965
School closes for Half Term
Rotten day today – couldn’t get away from the office till 12 and I wanted to catch 11am bus. However, I went on the 12 and met Cyril. We had our lunch out and did some shopping. After school I took the children to Claygate and bought Gill’s shoes.
I was ‘taken’ this evening and have been very sick all night.

Saturday 30th October 1965
Ugh – I feel horrible! Terrible night – sick and diarrhoea and nearly passing out. Poor Cyril – rough for him too! Have spent most of today in bed – up this evening doing my books etc. etc. Children have been very good – helping and ‘lending a hand’!!!

Sunday 31st October 1965
On my feet today! – and between us we did the washing about lunchtime. Gillian took it into her head to make a ‘guy’. I had to sew its head and legs on this afternoon.

On the front doorstep making a mess!

On the front doorstep making a guy and mess!

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