Week 49 :29th November – 5th December 1965

Monday 29th November 1965
Poor old Phil coughed such a lot yesterday that we had to keep him in bed today. Cyril had time off this afternoon to fit the new silencer on the car (and he did it – clever thing). I went to the office for three hours. Filthy day. Gillian has been very good and helpful.

Tuesday 30th November 1965
Philip greatly improved; thank goodness that cough has stopped. I went to the office at 5 – had to leave the two on their own and I hate doing that. Collected some work and Cyril picked me up at 5:20.

Wednesday 1st December 1965
Very cold and frosty morning. Cyril has been to the bank this lunchtime so we are solvent again. I should draw my salary today. Gillian coughing a bit now. Philip up and about.

Thursday 2nd December 1965
Cyril went to Cardiff today and Philip went to school – so I’ve had a long morning at work. Gillian seems to have a bit of a cold but it’s not worrying her overmuch. I had an early night.

Friday 3rd December 1965
Thank goodness I’m feeling better than last Friday. I’ve worked all morning till 1:15 when Cyril came up for me! So I wasn’t able to go shopping before lunch. Instead the children and I went on the 4:10 bus and Cyril picked us up at five.

Saturday 4th December 1965
Gillian and I have had a very pleasant day out. We were in Guildford at ten to nine and have done some more Christmas shopping. Gill was very good, though she became very tired. Cyril treated us to our lunch which we both enjoyed. He and Philip have had a good day too. They enjoyed a fish and chip lunch!

Sunday 5th December 1965
Very wet and blustery when we got up – did a good morning’s work – even the washing and much to my surprise and delight it all dried this afternoon and it’s ironed now. The children have enjoyed helping to wrap parcels for Christmas. We’ve all shampooed and I’ve had a colour-glo.


Week 48 : 22nd – 28th November 1965

Monday 22nd November 1965
Felt awfully guilty sending Gill to school – moreso when I met her this afternoon looking pale and miserable. She’s been sick – at last and had an early evening to bed! We’ve had our first snow and I fell over!

Tuesday 23rd November 1965
Had to keep Gill at home today – she has the tummy bug and is very listless. Cyril was home this morning so I went to the office and did three hours. Gill much better this afternoon and wandering about.

Wednesday 24th November 1965
Had a long morning at work till quarter to one – came home to find my Kenwood on the doorstep so we’ve been practising tonight! Gillian quite perky again – she’s been to Brownies. Cyril very late home after a very good lunch on a Donaldson line ship.

Thursday 25th November 1965
Miserable, wet day. Philip and I had a long wait for Gill – she was last out of her class. We’ve mixed the puddings this afternoon – shall have to cook them when I’m in long enough to look after them!!

Friday 26th November 1965
Philip had a very restless night – he was suffering with a stuffed up nose. I’ve been to work but am feeling far from well. I think I may have the bug. My commission came through from JHJ £21-7-7. All this wealth. Went to Esher after work. Cyril picked me up. FIRST TWO PUDS BOILIING

Saturday 27th November 1965
I went to bed at 5:30pm last night – after a day of ‘no eating’. Felt rotten. Never thought I’d be up and about today. Have finished boiling the puddings AND made the Christmas Cake! Very blustery day. We all had half hour at the Christmas Fair. Philip very cold-in-the-nosey again.

Cyril (below) and a colleague watch a loading

Cyril (below) and a colleague watch a loading

Sunday 28th November 1965
More or less back to normal today. Have done the main wash – shall iron this evening while Cyril is away watching a loading at London Airport. He should have gone last night but the plane was delayed.

Week 47 : 15th – 21st November 1965

Monday 15th November 1965
Cyril and I went to Kingston this morning and froze going round the market! Had a warm up while Cyril was measured for a suit. We had to stop at the Bank on the way home. Cyril started painting the kitchen doors.
It was an effort turning out for Keep Fit tonight!

Tuesday 16th November 1965
Coffee morning – Princess Drive
At last my watch has come back from Smiths. It’s been bitterly cold again with electricity and gas cuts all over the country. Philip not looking very well – I’ve put him on ½ Framol nightly.
Went to the coffee meeting this morning.

Wednesday 17th November 1965
I wasn’t able to go to work this morning as I had to keep Philip in bed. He had a bad night – coughing and has a slightly raised temperature today. Not so cold out but wet and miserable.

Thursday 18th November 1965
Mixer hasn’t come yet – I rang the firm and it hasn’t even been despatched. Cyril rang them too and gave them a telling off. Philip holding his own. Letters from Joan and Anne.

Friday 19th November 1965
Philip up this afternoon. Judy brought me down some work which has kept me pretty busy all afternoon. Cyril painting in the kitchen again this evening.

Saturday 20th November 1965
Andrew B’s party
Filthy, wet, dark day. We took Phil to Dr Little. He’s put him on Terramycin but says he can go to school. I’ve been in to the office for 2 hours this morning and 1½ hours this afternoon. Children both went to Andrew’s party this afternoon. Philip doesn’t seem to be a party loving boy!

Sunday 21st November 1965
Anne and Alan brought the children over this morning – Neil is a fine boy for 8 weeks. Phil was very protective towards Jane. Gillian surprised us by feeling sick at teatime. She went to bed early.

Week 46 : 8th -14th November 1965

Monday 8th November 1965
Children went off to school quite happily. I had a busy day at the office. I’m finding the job is worrying me a great deal and I’m not sleeping very well.
Went to Keep Fit this evening – had an energetic hour!

Tuesday 9th November 1965
Posted the cake to Dad and it cost 3/6d! (17½p). Busy morning at work again. Managed to polish the dining room furniture this afternoon. Quite an interesting Young Wives tonight although only 16 members.

Wednesday 10th November 1965
Nasty, wet and misty morning. I worked until 11:45 and had finished my household chores by three. Gillian at Brownies. Cyril went to collect her and the car battery failed! So they had to walk home! Stan took him back to fetch the battery – we charged it and Stan and Cyril took it back again at 9:15. She started okay, but it means we do need a new battery – and 2 tyres.

Thursday 11th November 1965
We’ve ordered a new battery and two new tyres. Big expense just before Christmas. Still, it has to be. Had a hard morning’s work again.

Friday 12th November 1965
Had our tree out the front lopped today and we have a lovely pile of logs and a great deal of clearing up to do tomorrow! Went to Esher this morning and back to work for 1½hrs this afternoon. Never again though!
Cyril had two new tyres fitted.

Saturday 13th November 1965
Very busy day – clearing the tree from the front. We’ve had a bonfire going all day. Poor Cyril – his back is so bad he has had to take to his bed. I think he will get up to play Canasta. We’ve enough wood to keep us warm this winter!

Sunday 14th November 1965
Very cold night last night – coldest so far since Spring. Strangely enough while clearing up the garden yesterday, I came across a primrose budding! We haven’t strayed far today. Cyril’s back was very bad yesterday evening, so he’s been taking it easy.

Week 45 : 1st – 7th November 1965

Monday 1st November 1965
We’ve had a heavy day – took us two hours to get to Holborn this morning. We’ve ordered Gill’s two-wheeler and done quite a lot of our Christmas gift buying. Had our lunch at Kingston on the way back – had to stop there for Gill’s roller skates.

Tuesday 2nd November 1965
Busy day – from work I went to Esher – did a lot of shopping. Cyril and the two picked me up at 1:15pm. We had a late lunch and I’ve been working ever since! Cleaning paint – cooking tomorrow’s lunch: Housework! – washing curtains etc. etc. etc. Cyril getting on quite well with the dining room.

Wednesday 3rd November 1965
Had to work till 12:30pm today and then leave an enormous pile of work – can’t see myself getting clear this week. Cyril had had enough of the children by the time I got home – so I took them on the heath this afternoon.
Cyril started putting on the wallpaper – looking very nice.

Thursday 4th November 1965
Thank goodness this morning Mr Murray sorted out the bank statement – I was able to do a little of my other work. Took the children to see ‘That Darn Cat’ at The Embassy in Esher – and to tea afterwards in the Cinema café! Expensive afternoon! Bad night with Philip up and down.

Friday 5th November 1965
Went to Esher on the 12 o’clock bus and did the rest of the weekend shopping. Cyril picked me up – he’s finished the papering, but is far from well – his cough is now very troublesome. The children and I cleared up the garden and made the bonfire ready for tonight.

Saturday 6th November 1965
Very busy day – have done a great deal of washing and ironing – also had an hour at the 50/50 sale but didn’t buy anything.
Played Canasta until the small hours with Mary and Leonard.

Sunday 7th November 1965
Gillian was on Church Parade this morning so we all went to Church. Have been busy ever since – clearing out the playroom. Sent some toys back with Ruth (Mary’s sister) for her sale.