Week 45 : 1st – 7th November 1965

Monday 1st November 1965
We’ve had a heavy day – took us two hours to get to Holborn this morning. We’ve ordered Gill’s two-wheeler and done quite a lot of our Christmas gift buying. Had our lunch at Kingston on the way back – had to stop there for Gill’s roller skates.

Tuesday 2nd November 1965
Busy day – from work I went to Esher – did a lot of shopping. Cyril and the two picked me up at 1:15pm. We had a late lunch and I’ve been working ever since! Cleaning paint – cooking tomorrow’s lunch: Housework! – washing curtains etc. etc. etc. Cyril getting on quite well with the dining room.

Wednesday 3rd November 1965
Had to work till 12:30pm today and then leave an enormous pile of work – can’t see myself getting clear this week. Cyril had had enough of the children by the time I got home – so I took them on the heath this afternoon.
Cyril started putting on the wallpaper – looking very nice.

Thursday 4th November 1965
Thank goodness this morning Mr Murray sorted out the bank statement – I was able to do a little of my other work. Took the children to see ‘That Darn Cat’ at The Embassy in Esher – and to tea afterwards in the Cinema café! Expensive afternoon! Bad night with Philip up and down.

Friday 5th November 1965
Went to Esher on the 12 o’clock bus and did the rest of the weekend shopping. Cyril picked me up – he’s finished the papering, but is far from well – his cough is now very troublesome. The children and I cleared up the garden and made the bonfire ready for tonight.

Saturday 6th November 1965
Very busy day – have done a great deal of washing and ironing – also had an hour at the 50/50 sale but didn’t buy anything.
Played Canasta until the small hours with Mary and Leonard.

Sunday 7th November 1965
Gillian was on Church Parade this morning so we all went to Church. Have been busy ever since – clearing out the playroom. Sent some toys back with Ruth (Mary’s sister) for her sale.

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