Week 46 : 8th -14th November 1965

Monday 8th November 1965
Children went off to school quite happily. I had a busy day at the office. I’m finding the job is worrying me a great deal and I’m not sleeping very well.
Went to Keep Fit this evening – had an energetic hour!

Tuesday 9th November 1965
Posted the cake to Dad and it cost 3/6d! (17½p). Busy morning at work again. Managed to polish the dining room furniture this afternoon. Quite an interesting Young Wives tonight although only 16 members.

Wednesday 10th November 1965
Nasty, wet and misty morning. I worked until 11:45 and had finished my household chores by three. Gillian at Brownies. Cyril went to collect her and the car battery failed! So they had to walk home! Stan took him back to fetch the battery – we charged it and Stan and Cyril took it back again at 9:15. She started okay, but it means we do need a new battery – and 2 tyres.

Thursday 11th November 1965
We’ve ordered a new battery and two new tyres. Big expense just before Christmas. Still, it has to be. Had a hard morning’s work again.

Friday 12th November 1965
Had our tree out the front lopped today and we have a lovely pile of logs and a great deal of clearing up to do tomorrow! Went to Esher this morning and back to work for 1½hrs this afternoon. Never again though!
Cyril had two new tyres fitted.

Saturday 13th November 1965
Very busy day – clearing the tree from the front. We’ve had a bonfire going all day. Poor Cyril – his back is so bad he has had to take to his bed. I think he will get up to play Canasta. We’ve enough wood to keep us warm this winter!

Sunday 14th November 1965
Very cold night last night – coldest so far since Spring. Strangely enough while clearing up the garden yesterday, I came across a primrose budding! We haven’t strayed far today. Cyril’s back was very bad yesterday evening, so he’s been taking it easy.


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