Week 47 : 15th – 21st November 1965

Monday 15th November 1965
Cyril and I went to Kingston this morning and froze going round the market! Had a warm up while Cyril was measured for a suit. We had to stop at the Bank on the way home. Cyril started painting the kitchen doors.
It was an effort turning out for Keep Fit tonight!

Tuesday 16th November 1965
Coffee morning – Princess Drive
At last my watch has come back from Smiths. It’s been bitterly cold again with electricity and gas cuts all over the country. Philip not looking very well – I’ve put him on ½ Framol nightly.
Went to the coffee meeting this morning.

Wednesday 17th November 1965
I wasn’t able to go to work this morning as I had to keep Philip in bed. He had a bad night – coughing and has a slightly raised temperature today. Not so cold out but wet and miserable.

Thursday 18th November 1965
Mixer hasn’t come yet – I rang the firm and it hasn’t even been despatched. Cyril rang them too and gave them a telling off. Philip holding his own. Letters from Joan and Anne.

Friday 19th November 1965
Philip up this afternoon. Judy brought me down some work which has kept me pretty busy all afternoon. Cyril painting in the kitchen again this evening.

Saturday 20th November 1965
Andrew B’s party
Filthy, wet, dark day. We took Phil to Dr Little. He’s put him on Terramycin but says he can go to school. I’ve been in to the office for 2 hours this morning and 1½ hours this afternoon. Children both went to Andrew’s party this afternoon. Philip doesn’t seem to be a party loving boy!

Sunday 21st November 1965
Anne and Alan brought the children over this morning – Neil is a fine boy for 8 weeks. Phil was very protective towards Jane. Gillian surprised us by feeling sick at teatime. She went to bed early.


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