Week 48 : 22nd – 28th November 1965

Monday 22nd November 1965
Felt awfully guilty sending Gill to school – moreso when I met her this afternoon looking pale and miserable. She’s been sick – at last and had an early evening to bed! We’ve had our first snow and I fell over!

Tuesday 23rd November 1965
Had to keep Gill at home today – she has the tummy bug and is very listless. Cyril was home this morning so I went to the office and did three hours. Gill much better this afternoon and wandering about.

Wednesday 24th November 1965
Had a long morning at work till quarter to one – came home to find my Kenwood on the doorstep so we’ve been practising tonight! Gillian quite perky again – she’s been to Brownies. Cyril very late home after a very good lunch on a Donaldson line ship.

Thursday 25th November 1965
Miserable, wet day. Philip and I had a long wait for Gill – she was last out of her class. We’ve mixed the puddings this afternoon – shall have to cook them when I’m in long enough to look after them!!

Friday 26th November 1965
Philip had a very restless night – he was suffering with a stuffed up nose. I’ve been to work but am feeling far from well. I think I may have the bug. My commission came through from JHJ £21-7-7. All this wealth. Went to Esher after work. Cyril picked me up. FIRST TWO PUDS BOILIING

Saturday 27th November 1965
I went to bed at 5:30pm last night – after a day of ‘no eating’. Felt rotten. Never thought I’d be up and about today. Have finished boiling the puddings AND made the Christmas Cake! Very blustery day. We all had half hour at the Christmas Fair. Philip very cold-in-the-nosey again.

Cyril (below) and a colleague watch a loading

Cyril (below) and a colleague watch a loading

Sunday 28th November 1965
More or less back to normal today. Have done the main wash – shall iron this evening while Cyril is away watching a loading at London Airport. He should have gone last night but the plane was delayed.


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