Week 49 :29th November – 5th December 1965

Monday 29th November 1965
Poor old Phil coughed such a lot yesterday that we had to keep him in bed today. Cyril had time off this afternoon to fit the new silencer on the car (and he did it – clever thing). I went to the office for three hours. Filthy day. Gillian has been very good and helpful.

Tuesday 30th November 1965
Philip greatly improved; thank goodness that cough has stopped. I went to the office at 5 – had to leave the two on their own and I hate doing that. Collected some work and Cyril picked me up at 5:20.

Wednesday 1st December 1965
Very cold and frosty morning. Cyril has been to the bank this lunchtime so we are solvent again. I should draw my salary today. Gillian coughing a bit now. Philip up and about.

Thursday 2nd December 1965
Cyril went to Cardiff today and Philip went to school – so I’ve had a long morning at work. Gillian seems to have a bit of a cold but it’s not worrying her overmuch. I had an early night.

Friday 3rd December 1965
Thank goodness I’m feeling better than last Friday. I’ve worked all morning till 1:15 when Cyril came up for me! So I wasn’t able to go shopping before lunch. Instead the children and I went on the 4:10 bus and Cyril picked us up at five.

Saturday 4th December 1965
Gillian and I have had a very pleasant day out. We were in Guildford at ten to nine and have done some more Christmas shopping. Gill was very good, though she became very tired. Cyril treated us to our lunch which we both enjoyed. He and Philip have had a good day too. They enjoyed a fish and chip lunch!

Sunday 5th December 1965
Very wet and blustery when we got up – did a good morning’s work – even the washing and much to my surprise and delight it all dried this afternoon and it’s ironed now. The children have enjoyed helping to wrap parcels for Christmas. We’ve all shampooed and I’ve had a colour-glo.


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